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  • APOB Addition (Amazon FBA)
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  • Compliance Management
  • Document Mailing
  • Post GST Approval Support (Lifetime)

Overview of VPOB in Ambala

Want to get GST registered in Ambala for your ecommerce business? Our expert VPOB solution can help you with this . Our all in one VPOB solution, help you get GST registered in Ambala , also help you get the access to amazon and flipkart warehouse to make the faster deliveries in Ambala and rest of the Haryana state.

Why Is It Mandatory to Have A GSTIN For Amazon/Flipkart Sellers in Ambala?

If you sell on Amazon or Flipkart and want to deliver your products faster in Ambala and other regions in Haryana, you need to get access to the Amazon and Flipkart FCs in Haryana. Without a separate GSTIN for Haryana, FCs won't allow you to store your products there. This is because, as per GST laws, it's mandatory for ecommerce sellers to get a GSTIN for the state where they want to store their products and register all warehouses as Additional Places of Business (APOB) in the GST registration of that particular state.

So, if you want access to Amazon and Flipkart FCs in Ambala and other regions of Haryana, you'll need to acquire a separate GSTIN for Haryana.

VPOB Registration Process in Ambala

Virtual Office

STEP 1: Contact Us for Ambala VPOB

Get in touch with our experts via call, WhatsApp, email, or Fill out the form and share your requirements.


STEP 2: Finalise Quote

Get an email quote for Ambala VPOB and process the payment.

Capital Requirement

STEP 3: Complete VPOB KYC

Share company documents with our team and complete agreement signing and documentation as per government norms.


STEP 4: PPOB GST Application

Once documentation is complete, our team will apply for GST number for Haryana State.

STEP 5: Amazon & Flipkart Warehouse Addition

Post GSTN approval, our team will add Amazon and Flipkart FCs as Additional Place of Business.

Benefits of Ambala VPOB and APOB

Grow Your Sales

Get GST registered in Ambala and expand your reach.

Access Amazon and Flipkart FCs

Get access to Amazon and Flipkart FCs and make faster deliveries in Ambala and other regions of Haryana.

Boost Visibility on Amazon and Flipkart

Due to faster product deliveries, you get a boost in visibility on Amazon and Flipkart.

Prime Customers Reach

As your delivery speed increases in Haryana, Amazon and Flipkart will start showing your products to their prime customers in Haryana.

Amazon and Flipkart Warehouses in Haryana

Serial FC code State Address
Amazon's FCs
1 DEL5 Haryana Rect/Killa Nos. 38//8/2 min, 192//22/1,196//2/1/1, 18/2, 19/1/1, 19/2/1, 19/2/2/1, 192//22/2, 195//20, 21/1, 196//2/1, 2/2/1,2/2/2, 3, 8, 9/1, 9/2,196//12/1/2, 12/2/2, 13/1, 13/2, Adjacent to Starex School, Binola, National Highway-8, Manesar, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122413
2 DEL4 Haryana KH No 18//21,19//25,34//5,6,7/1 min,14/2/2 min,15/1min,27,35//1,7,8,9/1,9/2,10/1,10/2,11 min,12,13,14 of village Jamalpur, Dist Gurgaon 122503
3 DEL8_DED5 Haryana Emporium Industrial Parks India Pvt Ltd, ESR Sohna Logistics Park, Village Rahaka, Tehsil-Sohna, On Sohna-Ballabgarh Road, Gurugram, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122103
4 DED3 Haryana Block J2, Farukhnagar Logistics Parks, LLP, Farrukhanagar, Gurgaon-122506
Flipkart's FCs
5 Bilaspur Warehouse Haryana KILLA NO 219/15-16 25/1 220/11 12/1 12/2 13/1/113/1/2 20 21/1 21/2/1 22/1 23/1/1 Bohra Kalan, Bilaspur Pataudi Road, Near, Gurgaon, Haryana, 122413, INDIA
6 Binola Warehouse Haryana Khasra no. 14/6 min, 7 min, 13 min,, 14, 15, 17, 18 min, 23, 24, 25, 16/1, 2, 9, 10, 11, 12/1, 17/3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11/2, 12, 13, 14, 15, situated on, village: Binola, Gurgaon, Haryana, 122413, India
7 Farrukhnagar BTS Warehouse Haryana Rectangle No. 06, Rectangle No. 07, Rectangle No. 08 and Rectangle No. 13, Village- Khalikpur, Tehsil- Badli, District- Jhajjar, FC- Farrukhnagar, Jhajjar, Haryana, 124103, India
8 Sanpka 01 Haryana Sunsat Warehousing Pvt. Ltd., Hadbast No. 23, Village Sanpka, Tehsil Farukhnagar, District - Gurgaon, Haryana-122503, Farukhnagar, HARYANA, 122503, India

Documents Required for Ambala VPOB Registration

Nature of Document Proprietorship Partnership Private Limited
PAN Yes Yes Yes
Address Proof Yes Yes (of Partner) Yes (of Director)
Photograph Yes Yes (of Partner) Yes (of Director)
Cancelled Cheque Yes Yes Yes
Board Resolution No No Yes
Authorised Signatory Letter No Yes Yes
Partnership Deed No Yes No

How theGSTco can help in Ambala VPOB GST Registration?

TheGSTco is an Amazon and Flipkart authorized VPOB and APOB service provider. We can help you get GSTIN in Ambala and access Amazon and Flipkart FCS in Haryana.

We provide you with a business address in Ambala, file the GST application for you, and obtain GST approval. We assign a dedicated authorized business representative to communicate with GST officials.

Get in touch with us today to get expert help for Ambala VPOB and APOB.

Frequently Asked Questions

VPOB in Ambala is a business address in Ambala, which helps to get GSTIN in Ambala.

By getting GSTIN in Ambala, sellers can access FCS in Haryana and make faster product deliveries.

We provide expert VPOB solutions in Ambala, helping you to get GSTIN in Ambala easily. We provide a business address, apply for GST, and help you get access to Amazon and Flipkart FCs with APOB registration.

It typically takes 25 to 30 days.

Just get in touch with us, share your requirements. You can contact us via the form on our website or directly call or WhatsApp us.

More than 10,000 Happy Clients.

As an eCommerce Seller on Amazon Platform we had a requirement to get GST Number in 12 States, Team theGSTco helped us getting GSTN for our Amazon Business in 12 States within a Span of 30 Days.

As a small D2C Brand, majority of our customers ordered from southern parts of India. TheGSTCo helped us get a GSTN in Karnataka within a Span of 15 Days.

As a Traditional Foreign Subsidiary Company we were planning on going live on Amazon FBA, with an increased reach. theGSTco helped us establish GST Presence in Compliance Heavy States with ease.

As an Amazon Seller and D2C Brand we opted for theGSTco VPPoB Services in 7 States. The Team was very Responsive and we got GSTN within 30-45 Days Span

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