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GST TCS Refund Services for Ecommerce Sellers

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Navigating the complexities of taxes can be challenging, especially for ecommerce sellers. Tax Collected at Source (TCS) adds another layer, requiring online marketplaces to collect and deposit a portion of your sales value to the government. While this ensures compliance, it also means you might be eligible for a refund if you've already paid GST on the same transaction. Here's where our TCS Refund Services come in. Our TCS refund service helps sellers claim refund of the TCS amount deducted by e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

What is GST TCS Refund for Ecommerce Sellers?

Tax Collection at Source (TCS) for ecommerce sellers refers to the tax collected by the electronic commerce operator when a supplier supplies goods or services through its portal and the payment for that supply is collected by the electronic commerce operator. The e-commerce operator is responsible for collecting the tax at a rate of 1% from the supplier and paying the supplier the price of the product or services, less the tax, calculated at the rate of 1%. This tax is collected on the net value of the goods or services supplied through the portal of the operator. For example, if a certain product is sold at Rs. 1000/- through an operator by a seller, the operator would deduct tax at 1% of the net value, i.e., Rs. 10/-

    Benefits of Our GST TCS Refund Service

    • Recover Excess Taxes: Our experts review your GST compliance and identify cases where you've overpaid TCS. We then handle the entire refund process, ensuring you receive the rightful amount back from the government.
    • Streamline Compliance: Avoid penalties and hassles with our expertise. We stay updated on regulations and handle all TCS-related filings meticulously.
    • Free Up Cash Flow: Quickly access your rightful refunds, improving your working capital and financial flexibility.
    • Focus on Your Business: Leave the tax complexities to us while you concentrate on scaling your ecommerce operations.

    Our Process

    Virtual Office

    STEP 1: Consultation

    Get in touch via our form, call, or WhatsApp and get a free consultation with our team of experts.


    STEP 2: Make Payment

    Upon confirmation of our services, proceed to make the required payment as per the agreed-upon terms and conditions.

    STEP 3: Details Provide Details

    Provide us with all the necessary details and documentation related to your e-commerce transactions, including TCS statements, GST registration details, and any other relevant information.


    STEP 4: TCS Refund Processing

    Our team will then initiate the TCS refund process on your behalf, ensuring all necessary steps are taken to maximize your refund amount and expedite the process.

    STEP 5: Receive TCS Refund

    Once the refund is processed and approved by the tax authorities, you will receive the TCS refund directly into your designated account.

    Required Documents

    • GST registration certificates
    • Invoices and supporting documents for sales subject to TCS
    • Bank statements
    • Any other documents related to your TCS payments

    Frequently Asked Questions

    TCS is a tax collected by online marketplaces from sellers on behalf of the government. It ensures timely tax collection but can lead to overpayments if you've already paid GST. Claiming refunds ensures you only pay the correct tax amount.

    Any ecommerce seller who has paid TCS but has already filed and paid GST on the same transaction is eligible for a refund.

    TCS is not an expense for online sellers. It is a kind of advance GST deposited on behalf of online sellers by e-commerce operators like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Myntra, etc. It is either adjusted against ultimate GST liability or refunded to the online seller.

    If GST liability is more than the input tax credit on input/input services/capital goods purchased by the online seller, then the TCS can be adjusted against such liability.

    Processing timelines vary depending on the government authorities, but we strive for the fastest possible resolution.

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