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How to Download GST Registration Certificate Without Login


Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration certificate is a very important document for all those businesses which are working under the GST system. This certificate serves as proof of your GST registration. Important details about your business are included in this certificate such as GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number) and legal name of the business entity. This certificate is very important for various business transactions. Downloading your GST Registration Certificate is a straightforward process that one can download through the official website portal of GST. In this article we will provide you with a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you download your GST registration certificate easily. Whether you need to regain your certificate for your business or you are a new register, our guide will make the process radically simple for you.

What Is a GST  Registration Certificate?

GST Registration Certificate is an official document issued by the Government of India, it is issued to businesses that are registered under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime. This certificate is basically a proof that any business is in full compliance with the GST law and the rules made there under important details like date of registration, type of business, name of business, GST identification number etc. are basically included in the GST registration certificate. If anyone wants to do various types of transactions in their business or wants to buy and sell goods and services within India then GST registration certificate is very important for that business. It is mandatory for those businesses whose annual turnover exceeds the prescribed limit to obtain GST Registration Certificate and register for GST.

How to Download a GST Registration Certificate without Login?

You cannot download a GST Registration Certificate without login. To download a GST Registration Certificate you generally need to login to the GST (Goods and Services Tax) portal. As we know, this certificate contains sensitive information, and after authentication, it is accessible only to the user. Without logging in, you can find out GST number only with the help of Permanent Account Number (PAN) and with its help you can see some details like your profile, place of business, contacts etc.

Follow the given steps to download GST Registration Certificate:

Step.1) Visit GST portal at, then click on Login

Step.2) Enter the Username and Password along with the Captcha, then click on Login

Step.3) Now, go to the Services, then User Services and then click on View/Download Certificate

Step.4) Now, click on the ‘Download’ icon on the screen to download the GST registration certificate

Validity of GST Registration  Certificate:

  • If any person has submitted the registration application within 30 days of originally becoming liable for GST registration then the GST registration certificate is valid from that date. If the person has not done so, the validity period under CGST Rules 9(1), 9(3) and 9(5) starts from the date of grant of the certificate.
  • If the application is delayed by any officer, then under CGST Rule 9(5) it is mandatory for that officer to provide the signed registration certificate within three working days of the time limit specified in the same sub-rule.
  • When the certificate is distributed to all the taxpayers then there is no expiry date of that certificate. This means that the GST registration remains fundamentally valid until it is surrendered or cancelled. After 90 days, the registration certificate becomes normal for a casual taxable person as the valid limit of registration is only 90 days. However, the taxpayer can extend the validity period and renew it before the expiry of the original validity period.

What details are included in the GST Registration Certificate?

  • GSTIN of Taxpayer: A 15-digit Goods and Services Tax Identification Number that is uniquely assigned to each taxpayer. This number basically facilitates all GST related transactions and compliance.
  • Legal and Trade Name: The registered legal name of the business or person, including any trade name under which the business is conducted
  • Type Of Business Constitution: It basically serves to describe the legal structure of business, such as partnership, limited liability partnership, proprietorship, etc.
  • Date of Liability: It specifies the date by which the entity is bound to collect and deposit GST.
  • Principal Business Address: The primary point of contact is the main point of business.
  • Period of Validity: This section serves to specify the commencement date for regular taxpayers. Apart from this it also serves to specify the expiry date of registration for casual taxpayers.
  • Type of Registration: It basically serves to identify the category of taxpayer like composition dealer, regular tax data etc.
  • Approval Details: The name and designation of the jurisdictional office, and the digital signature of the facsimile officer shall be included in the original
  • Date of Issuing the Certificate: The date on which the GST certificate is officially issued to the taxpayer is basically the date that concerns him.


Obtaining a GST Registration Certificate is a very important step for any business that is compliant with the Goods and Services Tax Act. The process of downloading the certificate is straightforward and you can complete it online by visiting the official website of GST. Before downloading the certificate please verify whether all the details on the certificate are correct or not. If any discrepancy occurs it can basically create future compliance issues. In this article we told you what is the GST Registration Certificate, what is its use and what is the complete process to download the certificate. By following the guide given in this article, businesses can download their GST registration certificate very easily.


Q1: Does GST Certificate Expire?

Ans. The validity of GST Registration Certificate is basically 90 days for non-resident and contingent taxable persons, but if we talk about regular taxpayers, there is no expiry date for the certificate unless the GST registration is canceled. 

Q.2) Is the GST Certificate Valid Across India?

Ans. This certificate is recognized throughout India and is awarded by the relevant state Government authority.

Q.3) What is the 15 digit GST number?

Ans. The first 2 digits of the 15 digit GSTIN represent the state code and the next 10 digits are the PAN of the individual or business entity

Q.4) Is the GST and PAN number same?

Ans. No, GST (Goods and Services Tax) and PAN (Permanent Account Number) are not the same; they serve different tax identification purposes

Q.5) Is it possible to download the GST registration certificate without login?

Ans. No, GST registration certificate cannot be downloaded without logging in.

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