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How to Check GST Status : Step by Step Guide


In the year of 2017, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) comes as an innovative indirect tax framework for the country. It removed all state and central-level taxes instead of forming a multitude of taxes, simplifying the tax structure. Businesses that have reached the revenue limit will be asked to acquire GST registration and customers will charge tax on their sales. The proceeds are subsequently transferred to the government by the financer. Compliance with the GST status becomes a critical necessity for both business and individual entities.

There are two situations when you may be required to know GST status. With regards to this matter, if you have already applied for registration under GST, you can grab updates about the process by checking the Application Reference Number (ARN). This results in your registrations being processed on time and you hear from our office soon. Furthermore, before doing any business with them, you will be required to make sure that the business you are dealing with is properly registered under the GST. We check this to be sure it is a business prerogative to pay the GST. By confirming the existence of a GSTIN of a company fraudulent transactions get blocked and it helps to stay in clear by following the tax law.

Checking Your GST Registration Status (Using ARN)

  1. Head to the GST portal: The official GST website is a GST portal located at This system's core operation is to act as a filing, receiving, and status-checking hub for all GST matters.
  1. Locate the 'Services' section: When you log in on the GST portal, go to the "Services" section. The central part of the application is the functionality that you have as a taxpayer, and therefore step one that you need to know involves checking the application status.
  1. Track application status: You can find the option among the "Services", "Track Application Status" or something like that. That particular feature allows you to follow the advancement of the GST registration application.
  1. Enter your ARN: Your application for GST registration was granted, thus, you were provided a unique identifier which is called Application Reference Number (ARN). This is the essential number for monitoring the circumstances. Be prepared and have your personal identification number ready to use when the online portal asks for it.
  1. View the status: Having entered your ARN and passed any related hits (like the Captcha checking), the portal will show you the current status of your application. This could be "Proceeding," "Accepted," or "Rejected", or record the need for further information. The details will notify you if your application has been approved or if further action is required in the registration process.

Verifying the GST Registration of a Business (Using GSTIN)

  1. Visit the GST portal: It was also earlier stated that the official GST portal ( is the trusty resource to perform different GST assignments.
  1. Search for taxpayer: Hence, when you are at the portal find and browse through the area that shows how you can get taxpayer information. You can make this section "Search Tax Payer," "Verify GST," or whatever terms are comfortable to you.
  1. Search by GSTIN/UIN: In terms of the search options, we shall opt for the one that gives a chance to search by the GSTIN number. If either the UIN (Universal Identification Number) or GSTIN could be used, then GSTIN is more commonly used.
  1. Enter the GSTIN: Have the GSTIN of the business that you are going to verify prepped up. It's a 15-digit alphanumeric number which is usually the invoice display or website.
  1. Check the status: Once the GSTIN number and security measures are done, you will be shown the search results by the portal. The information most vital will be the state of the GSTIN - whether it is active, cancelled or invalid. A functioning GSTIN shows the authenticity of the business which is legally registered and has the permit to accumulate GST.


The verification of GST status is an integral part of maintaining continuity in business, as well as following the laws specified by the tax regulations in India. For businessmen who have already submitted GST registration applications, keeping track by using ARN ensures that they will always be informed about their registration status update, hence facilitating the appropriate expectation management. This transparency in turn allows to effectively analyze timeliness, if necessary.

On the one hand, verifying the GSTIN of a business you deal with safeguards you from fraudulence; on the other hand, it is the source of national data that allows the government to maintain control over the economy and make informed decisions regarding tax reimbursements, economic slump, and average economic growth rate. An active validated GSTIN provides a clear indication of the business's legitimacy and authorization to collect GST. Also,it ensures that you have less chance to unwittingly deal with unregulated entities which may also lead to other issues such as tax problems.

By comprehending how to check GST status with the help of ARN and GSTIN, you not only empower yourself to be a skilful GST navigating individual but also avoid unnecessary hassle. This awareness guarantees the making of informed decisions and the improvement of the sustainable business situation.


  1. What are the two main reasons to check GST status?

There are two main reasons:

  • Track your own GST registration application: Use the ARN (Application Reference Number) to see the progress.
  • Verify the GST registration of a business: Use the GSTIN (GST Identification Number) to confirm their legitimacy.
  1. Where can I check GST status?

You can check GST status on the official GST portal:

  1. What information do I need to track my GST registration application?

You will need your ARN (Application Reference Number) to track the status of your application.

  1. What information do I need to verify the GST registration of a business?

You will need the GSTIN (GST Identification Number) of the business you want to verify.

  1. What does an active GSTIN mean?
An active GSTIN signifies a legitimate, registered business authorized to collect GST. This helps prevent fraudulent transactions

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