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Selling on Tata Cliq: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide for Vendors


In today's digital age, online platforms have opened up exciting opportunities for sellers to reach a global audience. Tata Cliq, an e-commerce venture by the prestigious Tata Group, is a platform that provides a simple and lucrative way for vendors to sell their products. This guide offers a detailed step-by-step process for becoming a seller on Tata Cliq, along with an exploration of why Tata Cliq stands out as an excellent choice for vendors.

Why Tata Cliq?

Tata CliQ is a relatively new online shopping platform in India, and it's gaining a lot of attention. While most online stores in India try to offer products at the lowest prices, competing to provide the best discounts and attract more customers, Tata CliQ does things differently. They focus on offering Indian customers high-quality and luxurious items, like fancy clothes and top-notch electronics from some of the best brands in India and from around the world. You can find products on Tata CliQ that you can't easily find on other online stores, such as Armani, Hugo Boss, and True Religion.

Tata CliQ also has strong connections with big companies like Microsoft, which has its own shop on Tata CliQ. On this Microsoft store, you can buy things like software, phones, PCs, and tablets, starting from 2016.

When you want to work with an online company, it's important to check their background and history. Tata CliQ is one of the few online stores that hasn't faced any major problems, and it seems like they will keep growing steadily. Tata CliQ also has a lot of support from investors, especially from its parent company, the Tata Group. This means that even if there are challenges, they have the financial support to handle them and keep the platform running smoothly.

Section 1: Step-by-Step Registration Guide for Sellers

To become a seller on Tata Cliq, follow this straightforward registration process:

  1. Initiate Contact:

    Start by sending an introductory email to In the email, provide essential information, including your name, email address, contact number, the product category you wish to sell, your brand name, and your business location.

  2. Automated Response:

    Once you've sent the email, you'll receive an automated response from Tata Cliq, acknowledging your initial contact.

  3. Follow-Up Communication:

    Continue the conversation by maintaining communication within the same email chain. Consistent and clear communication demonstrates your commitment.

  4. Agreement Document:

    After successful communication, you'll receive an email from the category head, which will include the agreement document. Sign this agreement on a stamp paper of Rs. 300.

  5. Commission Details:

    Create an Annexure detailing the commission structure, mentioning it on your company letterhead and signing it.

  6. Document Submission:

    Send the signed agreement, Annexure, and other required documents to the following address:

    Tata Unistore, First Floor, Empire Plaza 2, Chandan Nagar, LBS Marg, Vikhroli West, Mumbai-400080.

  7. Form Submission:

    Once Tata Cliq receives your documents, you will receive an email with 'ECS' and the Seller Registration Form. Carefully complete these forms, attaching the following documents:

    • GST Registration Certificate
    • PAN card copy
    • TAN Copy (if available)
    • CIN Copy (from ROC)
    • Canceled Cheque
    • Company Logo
    • Bank confirmation on electronics clearance form with an attachment.
  8. Seller Registration Form Details:

    The Seller Registration Form should include your registered company name, a list of all documents submitted, and your PAN card details. If you intend to utilize multiple fulfillment centers, provide different email IDs. Additionally, send a catalog of the products you plan to list on the portal.

Section 2: Benefits of Selling on Tata Cliq

In comparison to other e-marketplaces, Tata Cliq offers several distinct advantages for sellers:

  1. Simplified Registration Process:

    Tata Cliq's three-step registration process stands out as one of the easiest and most user-friendly options for sellers.

  2. Access to a Vast Customer Base:

    Selling on Tata Cliq allows you to reach customers not only in your local market but across India. This expanded reach provides significant opportunities to boost sales.

  3. Transparent Commission Structure:

    Tata Cliq maintains transparency in its commission process, charging you only for the items you sell, rather than those you merely advertise.

  4. Expert Guidance:

    Sellers benefit from expert insights and tips to enhance their selling performance, including creating compelling product descriptions to engage potential customers.

  5. Effortless Sales Monitoring:

    Tata Cliq provides sellers with login credentials to easily track their sales records, progress, and profits, offering transparency and informed decision-making.

Section 3: Documents Needed to Register as a Seller with Tata Cliq

To sign up as a seller on Tata Cliq, you will need the following documents and information:

  • Tax information (required later in the sign-up process):

    • A copy of your company's GST registration.
    • A copy of your company's PAN card.
    • A copy of your company's TAN card (if available).
  • Contact information (required initially):

    • Your full name.
    • Email address (you may need to submit multiple email addresses if your company has more than one order fulfillment center).
    • Phone number.
  • Company information (required initially):

    • Brand name.
    • Company address.
    • Category of the products you intend to sell.
  • Additional company information (required later):

    • Company logo.
    • A canceled cheque.
    • A copy of your company's CIN registration from the ROC (Registration of Companies).
    • Bank confirmation of ECS (Electronic Clearing Service).

Ensure that you have these documents and information ready before you start the registration process. Accurate and complete information is crucial to avoid application rejection or delays.


Selling on Tata Cliq offers a valuable opportunity for vendors to reach a wide customer base and present high-quality products. With a user-friendly registration process, transparency in commissions, and expert guidance, Tata Cliq has established itself as a compelling e-commerce platform. As you embark on your journey to becoming a seller on Tata Cliq, remember that dedication, attention to detail, and adherence to their registration process will be your key to success. Start your selling journey on Tata Cliq and tap into the vast potential of the online marketplace!

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