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A Complete Guide on How to Register on Zomato


In the dynamic landscape of the Indian market, embracing digitization has become imperative for businesses to tap into vast opportunities. The burgeoning tech start-up scene, particularly in the food industry, has witnessed the rise of platforms like Zomato, transforming how consumers experience dining. This article delves into the process of Zomato registration for businesses, providing insights into the steps and eligibility criteria.

Zomato Business Model

Zomato, a global entity operating in 24 countries, primarily thrives on hyperlocal advertising via its website and mobile apps. Acting as a bridge between restaurants and consumers, Zomato enhances the reach of eateries, fostering rapid business growth. The prospect of Zomato registration opens doors for restaurants to attract a broader customer base, ultimately leading to business expansion.

Eligibility Criteria

Before embarking on the Zomato registration journey, businesses must meet specific criteria:

  • Business Entity: Private Limited Registration, Partnership, or LLP Registration in India.
  • FSSAI Registration: Compliance with FSSAI regulations based on business turnover and nature.
  • Shop Act License and GST Registration: Essential for legal compliance.

Registering a Restaurant on Zomato

Adding the Restaurant to Zomato Listing

If a restaurant is not listed on Zomato, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the Add Restaurant Link and complete the registration form with details such as restaurant name, phone number, and city.

Step 2: Click on "Add Restaurant" to submit the details. A Zomato executive will then collect necessary documents for verification.

Register the Restaurant in Zomato for Business App

Step 1: Visit the Zomato for Business App Link.

Step 2: Search for your restaurant in the app. If listed, claim the listing; if not, follow the steps for adding a new restaurant.

Step 3: Complete the registration form on the Zomato for Business page with restaurant details.

Step 4: Submit the form and await verification by a Zomato executive. Once verified, your Zomato for business account will be activated.

Zomato Business App Features

Before utilizing the Zomato for Business App, claiming your listing is essential. Once done, the app offers features such as:

  • Real-time notifications and reviews management.
  • Directly updating restaurant information.
  • Promotional activities like promos and special menus.
  • Event promotion for occasions like music events or food festivals hosted at your establishment.

Commission Charges for Zomato Registration

Zomato imposes a 7% commission on total orders for restaurants under its food ordering business. Restaurants with less than 50 orders per week face a 2.99% commission plus a Rs 99 platform fee. Notably, no commission fees apply once a restaurant surpasses the 50-order mark weekly.

For restaurants exceeding 500 orders, the platform fee decreases inversely proportional to the number of orders, ranging from Rs 799 to Rs 199.

Guidelines for Restaurants on Zomato

1. Restaurant Name

  • Ensure that the restaurant name on Zomato matches the exterior signage.
  • Avoid including establishment types or taglines unless officially registered.
  • Refrain from using abbreviations in the restaurant name.

2. Restaurant Address

  • Standardize the address format for clarity.
  • Include only one landmark, without abbreviations.
  • Add floor numbers for easy location if applicable.

3. Restaurant Features

Utilize attribute tags for:

  • Pure Veg (no meat and egg) designation.
  • Smoking Area indication.
  • Happy Hours for alcohol-serving establishments.
  • Wi-Fi Availability confirmation.

4. Business Hours

  • Present operational hours in a 24-hour format.
  • Specify dine-in and delivery hours separately if needed.
  • Include numerals only for accurate filtering.

5. Photos

  • Follow the sequence: Façade, Ambiance, and Food shots.
  • Upload only JPEG and PNG formats.
  • Avoid stock images or copyrighted materials.

6. Menus

  • Upload menu pages with a maximum of 650x700 pixels.
  • Include prices for better user decision-making.

7. Cover Photos

  • Opt for high-resolution images (1200x500 pixels or greater).
  • Prefer horizontal photos without superimposed text.
  • Avoid photos of raw ingredients.

New Listing Creation Guidelines

Create a new listing if there are significant changes like cuisine, establishment type, or location shift beyond the original area.


In conclusion, navigating the Zomato registration process opens doors to a myriad of opportunities for restaurants in India. By aligning with Zomato, businesses can leverage a robust platform to reach a wider audience and elevate their brand presence in the competitive food industry. Partnering with Zomato in just five easy steps can be a game-changer for restaurants aiming for success in the digital age.

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