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Understanding Professional Tax In West Bengal: Tax Slab, Due Date, Penalty, Exemption


If you are a salaried professional then you must be seeing a special deduction on your salary slip, which we basically know as professional tax. The state government of West Bengal imposes a fixed tax on the people who are earning from various businesses. All salaried individuals whose income is above a specified level have to compulsorily undergo professional tax registration in West Bengal. In this article, we will discuss in detail about professional tax in West Bengal and make you aware of various aspects related to it.

Professional Tax in West Bengal

As per the West Bengal State Tax on Profession, Trade, Business and Employment Act, 1979, salaried individuals whose gross monthly salary exceeds ₹10000 are mandatorily required to pay professional tax. That means if your monthly salary is above ₹ 10000 then you will have to pay tax.

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Professional Tax Slab Rate in West Bengal

Gross Salary Amount Payable
Up to Rs 10,000 Nil
Rs 10,001 – Rs 15,000 Rs 110
Rs 15,001 – Rs 25,000 Rs 130
Rs 25,001 – Rs 40,000 Rs 150
Above Rs 40,001 Rs 200

West Bengal Professional Tax Payment Due Date

You can take the help of an online portal to pay professional tax. Nominees will have to compulsorily pay professional tax by 31st July of every financial year. On the other hand, monthly payments are required for registered employers.

West Bengal Professional Tax Late Payment Penalty

Individuals and businesses in West Bengal are charged a 1% penalty if they fail to enroll within 90 days of the eligibility date or delay professional tax payment.

Persons who are Exempted from Paying Professional Tax in West Bengal

The State Government of West Bengal has exempted certain persons from paying professional tax including members of the Auxiliary Forces, Army, Air Force or Navy who serve in the West Bengal region.


In this article we have told you in detail about professional tax in West Bengal. If you want to avoid heavy penalties, you have to pay professional tax on time.

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