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Understanding Professional Tax In Jharkhand: Tax Slab, Due Date, Penalty, Exemption


It is very important for those who have joined a new job or started a new business in Jharkhand that they have complete information about professional tax and how to pay it. Professional tax is basically the tax that the state government imposes on individuals earning income through any medium. In this article, we will discuss in detail various aspects of professional tax registration in Jharkhand.

Professional tax in Jharkhand

If any person is working in Jharkhand or is involved in any business, then essentially, the Jharkhand state government imposes a professional tax on his income. Every state in India levies professional tax on all persons whose minimum age is ₹300000 per year. Professional tax is collected in Jharkhand by the state municipal corporation as per the income slab of any person.

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Professional Tax Slab Rate in Jharkhand

Annual Income Professional Tax Amount
Upto 300000 Nil
Between 300001 To 500000 ₹ 1200
Between 500001 To 800000 ₹ 1800
Between 800001 To 1000000 ₹ 2100
Above 1000001 ₹ 2500

Due date of professional tax in Jharkhand

The date to pay professional tax in Jharkhand basically depends on the registration date of the assessee. If you have completed professional tax registration in Jharkhand before May 31st, then you will have to pay professional tax for each quarter by June 30th.

However, if you have completed the registration process after 31, then in this case you will have to pay professional tax within a month, and if we talk about other matters, then you will have to compulsorily pay professional tax within 15 days of the month after the end of the quarter.

Jharkhand Professional Tax Late Payment Penalty

As per applicability, every person must compulsorily pay professional tax within the due date to avoid penalties in Jharkhand. If, for any reason, you pay professional tax late or do not pay professional tax, then in such a situation, the officer can impose a heavy fine of Rs 500 to Rs 5000 on you. However, if you are continuously violating the professional tax payment guidelines, it may also result in a penalty of ₹10 per day.

Persons who are exempt from paying professional tax in Jharkhand

Some people are exempt from paying professional tax in Jharkhand, like:

  • Persons with permanent physical disabilities.
  • Parents of persons who are physically or mentally handicapped.
  • Persons working with the Union Home Ministry, Union Defense Ministry, or Border Security Force.


Once you have complete knowledge about the payment process and amount payable in Jharkhand, it is essential to ensure that you are paying the tax on time. This tax is spread in all parts of Jharkhand. If you live in Jharkhand and are earning income through any employment, then you compulsorily have to pay professional tax. In this article, we have given you complete information about professional tax in Jharkhand.

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