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Online GST Calculator: Understanding GST Calculation and Rates in India

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Online GST Calculator: Understanding GST Calculation and Rates in India

Our online GST calculator is designed to help you easily calculate the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on your transactions. The GST calculator simplifies the process of determining the GST amount, whether you are applying CGST & SGST/UTGST or need to calculate GST on reverse charges. In this article, we will discuss the GST calculator formula and the various GST rates applicable in India.

How is GST Calculated?

GST can be calculated simply by multiplying the taxable amount by the GST rate. If CGST & SGST/UTGST is to be applied, then both CGST and SGST amounts are half of the total GST amount.

GST = Taxable Amount x GST Rate

If you have an amount that already includes GST, you can calculate the GST exclusive amount using the following formula:

GST Excluding Amount = GST Including Amount / (1 + GST Rate / 100)

For example: If the GST including amount is ₹525, and the GST rate is 5%, the GST excluding amount = 525 / (1 + 5 / 100) = 525 / 1.05 = ₹500.

What are the GST Rates in India?

India has various GST rates, applicable to different goods and services:

  • 0% (necessity items like milk, wheat flour)
  • 0.25% (rough diamonds)
  • 3% (gold, silver, etc.)
  • 5%
  • 12%
  • 18%
  • 28%

Most goods fall in the 5%, 12%, and 18% categories, while most services are taxed at 18%. A 28% GST rate applies to items like cement, cars, and tobacco. Additionally, a cess applies to select goods such as cars, tobacco, and pan masala. Some goods and services are taxed at a NIL rate or exempted from GST. To learn more about the differences between NIL rate, 0% GST rate, and exempted goods and services, read our article on the topic.

Calculating GST in Case of Reverse Charge

In case of reverse charge, the calculation remains the same. For example, if you have purchased goods worth ₹5,000 and are required to pay GST on reverse charge at the rate of 18%, you must pay a GST on reverse charge of ₹900 (5,000 x 18%). If CGST & SGST is to be levied, then CGST & SGST of ₹450 each must be paid.

Use our online GST calculator to effortlessly determine GST amounts on your transactions, and stay updated on the latest GST rates and calculation methods in India.

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