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Ecommerce selling provides a gateway to a vast customer base, and ensuring customer satisfaction hinges on various factors, with efficient product delivery being a critical aspect. Facilitating swift product delivery entails strategically storing inventory closer to your customer base, often necessitating access to warehouses (FCs) in states where your sales are highest. This accessibility to local warehouses is made possible through APOB (Additional Place of Business) registration, enabling you to efficiently store your products in proximity to your customers.

For many sellers, navigating the APOB registration process can be perplexing and challenging. Our expert APOB registration service is designed to alleviate this burden. We specialize in making the APOB registration process seamless and hassle-free, allowing you to concentrate on managing and growing your e-commerce business while we seamlessly handle the intricacies of APOB registration on your behalf.

What is APOB registration?

APOB registration refers to the process of registering additional places of business (APOBs) apart from the principal place of business (PPOB) under the GST framework. An APOB can take various forms, such as a branch office, warehouse, factory, or any other location where business activities are conducted. For e-commerce sellers, APOBs often refer to warehouses or fulfillment centers where inventory is stored to facilitate faster product delivery.

Under government regulations, it is mandatory for all e-commerce businesses falling under the GST framework to include all APOBs in their GST registration, in addition to their PPOB. The registration certificate will specify both the principal place of business and the APOBs. Furthermore, it is a requirement for all e-commerce sellers to obtain individual registrations for each APOB. This means that separate records must be maintained for each place of business, including the APOBs, and separate GST returns must be filed for each APOB.

Benefits of APOB

  • Access to Larger Storage Space
  • Increased Customer Reach
  • More Visibility on Ecommerce Platform due to Faster Deliveries
  • Faster Product Delivery
  • Efficient Inventory Management
  • Hassle-Free Product Returns Handling
  • Lower Logistics Costs



STEP 1: Discuss with our Experts

Get in touch with our experts via call, whatsapp, email and share your requirements

Capital Requirement

STEP 2: Finalize Quote

Get an email quote of APOB registration and process payment

STEP 3: Provide the Required Documents

Share the required documents as discussed to initiate APOB registration process 

STEP 4: APOB Registration

Once payment is received , our team will initiate the APOB registration process


  • Seller’s GST login details (User ID & Password).
  • Mobile number registered with GST for OTP.
  • Address registration details of the FC.
  • NOC for APOB provided by Amazon India on their website.
  • Copy of Amazon’s FC or warehouse rent/lease agreement and property tax receipt.
  • Latest electricity bill of the FC.
  • Fulfillment Center’s photographs.

Frequently Asked Questions

APOB, or Additional Place of Business, refers to any business location beyond the principal place of business specified in the GST registration certificate. These additional places of business can include branch offices, warehouses, factories, or any other premises where business activities are conducted. According to government regulations, it is mandatory to register APOBs under GST. Failure to do so can result in penalties and legal implications. Therefore, registering APOBs is essential for businesses to comply with GST requirements and avoid potential legal consequences.

APOB registration offers several benefits for e-commerce businesses:

  • Access to Larger Space
  • Faster Product Delivery
  • Efficient Inventory Management
  • Hassle-Free Product Returns Handling
  • Lower Logistics Costs

We are an authorized VPOB & APOB service provider for major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Jiomart, and Meesho. This authorization ensures that you can place your trust in our services. Additionally, our service charges are competitively low, providing a cost-effective solution for APOB registration needs.

The fee for APOB registration is dependent on the number of FCs (Additional Place of Business) you wish to add. Generally, the more FCs you intend to include, the higher the associated fees.

The timeframe for APOB registration varies based on the number of FCs you plan to add to the GST certificate. As individual registrations are necessary for each APOB, the duration will be influenced by the total number of registrations required.

To engage our services, simply fill out the provided form and get in touch with us to communicate your specific requirements. Upon confirmation, make the necessary payment for the service fee, after which we will promptly initiate the APOB registration process.

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