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A Complete List of GST Exempted Category on Amazon


What is GST?

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a unified indirect tax introduced in India in 2017, replacing multiple cascading taxes like excise duty, VAT, and octroi. It's levied at every stage of production, from manufacturing to retail, but businesses can claim credit for taxes paid earlier, ensuring only the final consumer bears the burden. The current GST rates range from 0% to 28%, applied depending on the product or service.

Why are some products exempt from GST?

The government exempts certain essential items from GST to make them more affordable for the public and support specific sectors. It can also be based on social or religious considerations. Products like fresh fruits and vegetables, unprocessed food items, books and newspapers, and sanitary napkins fall under this category.

Benefits of buying GST-exempt products on Amazon

Buying GST-exempt products on Amazon offers several advantages:
  • Lower price: You directly save the GST amount, making the product cheaper.
  • Transparency: Clearly displayed prices help you budget better.
  • Wider selection: Amazon offers a large variety of exempt products .
  • Convenience: Shop from home and enjoy fast delivery.

Remember, these benefits solely apply to individuals. Businesses with GST registration might not enjoy the same savings due to input tax credit complexities.

Categories of GST-exempt products on Amazon Food Items:

  • Cereals: Unprocessed grains like wheat, rice, barley, and millets are However, packaged breakfast cereals, flavoured grains, and processed flour (Maida) are not.
  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: Uncut, unwashed, and unprocessed fruits and vegetables like apples, oranges, potatoes, and tomatoes are This excludes frozen, canned, or packaged versions, dried fruits, and processed ingredients like fruit jams or vegetable purees.
  • Fresh Fish and Meat: Live or freshly caught fish and unprocessed cuts of meat (excluding poultry) fall under the Processed meats like sausages, kebabs, and frozen/canned versions are not exempt.
  • Dairy Products: Fresh milk (excluding flavoured or packaged milks), buttermilk, curd, and lassi are generally exempt. Cheese, paneer (if packaged or branded), ghee, and yogurt with added Flavors or preservatives are not.
  • Eggs: Non-branded, fresh eggs are exempt, while processed or branded egg products like egg whites or omelettes are not.
  • Salt: Table salt and rock salt are exempt, while flavoured or iodized salts are not.
  • Spices: Whole, unprocessed spices like turmeric, chili powder, coriander seeds, and cloves are Ground spices, mixed spice blends, and branded spice packets are not.
  • Honey: Non-branded, natural honey is exempt, while processed, branded, or flavoured honey is not.
  • Unprocessed Tea and Coffee: Unroasted coffee beans and loose, unflavoured tea leaves are Packaged, flavoured, or instant versions of tea and coffee are not.

Other Essential Items:

  • Books and Newspapers: Printed books, magazines, and newspapers are exempt, while e- books, audiobooks, and online subscriptions are not.
  • Sanitary Napkins: All types of sanitary napkins, panty liners, and menstrual cups are exempt.
  • Children's Educational Items: Exercise books, notebooks, colouring books, drawing books, and other basic educational materials are Toys, branded stationery, and electronic learning devices are not.
  • Live Animals (excluding horses): Primarily applies to livestock (cows, goats, sheep), pets (dogs, cats), and fish for personal Exotic animals, animals for commercial purposes, and animals sold with accessories are not exempt.
  • Human Hair, Blood, and Semen: Due to their unique nature and typically non- commercial use, these are exempt
  • Religious Items: Idols, prayer beads, incense sticks, and other religious articles for personal use are exempt. Branded or decorative religious items, religious texts in digital format, and items used for commercial purposes are not.
  • Kites: Traditional, non-motorized kites flown for recreational purposes are exempt. Commercial kites, kites with electronic components, and those used for advertising are not.
  • The Indian National Flag: The official flag of India, in its prescribed form and size, is exempt. Decorative flags, modified flags, or flags used for commercial purposes are not.
  • Organic Manure: Vermi compost, cow dung manure, and other organic fertilizers used for agricultural purposes are exempt. Packaged, branded, or mixed organic fertilizers with added chemicals are not
  • Vaccines: All vaccines approved by the Government of India are exempt.

How to find GST-exempt products on Amazon.

Navigating Amazon for GST-exempt products can be streamlined with two key tools:

Search Filters:

  • Category Filters: Utilize the category filters on the left side of the search results page. Look for categories known to contain exempt items like "Books" or "Household " Remember, exemptions within categories can vary, so always double-check product details.
  • Brand Filter: Exclude specific brands known for processed or packaged items to narrow down results. For example, searching for "cereals" while excluding popular breakfast cereal brands might lead you towards unprocessed options.
  • Price Filter: While not foolproof, using a lower price filter can sometimes highlight exempt products, as they often lack added However, be cautious, as low prices don't guarantee exemption.

2.  Product Descriptions:

  • GST Information: Most Amazon product listings clearly display the applicable GST percentage. Look for "Inclusive of all taxes" or a specific percentage next to the price. However, some sellers might not update information promptly, so double-checking is crucial.
  • Product Details: Read the product description Exempt items typically mention their unprocessed nature, organic origin, or religious purpose. Keywords like "fresh," "unflavoured," "natural," or "religious" can be helpful indicators.

Additional Tips:

  • Seller Information: Check the seller's profile for any mentions of "GST-exempt products" or similar Reputable sellers often highlight exemptions.
  • Reviews: Customer reviews can sometimes mention GST charges or the product's nature, offering anecdotal evidence of exemption.
  • Official Sources: For definitive confirmation, refer to the official GST Council website's list of exempt goods or consult government notifications for specific product categories.

Remember, even with these tools, vigilance is key. Product information can change, and exemptions can be complex. Always rely on official sources and double-check details before making a purchase.

Important things to remember.

Exemption Variations: Seller and Location Matter

Remember, the wonderful world of GST exemptions on Amazon isn't always black and white. Here's why:

  • Seller Variations: Different sellers on Amazon might have varying agreements or interpretations of GST, even for similar products. One seller might list an item as exempt, while another charges GST. This often boils down to individual seller registrations and tax compliance strategies.
  • Location Matters: GST rates and exemptions can differ across Indian states. While a product might be exempt in your state, it could be taxable in Double-check the applicable tax rate based on your delivery location before finalizing your purchase.

Confirmation is Key: Check the Product Description

Don't rely solely on filters or seller claims. Always scrutinize the product description for confirmation of GST exemption. Look for specific keywords like "unprocessed," "natural," "fresh," or "religious," which often indicate exemption. Additionally, check for the presence of "Inclusive of all taxes" or a specific GST percentage mentioned. Remember, product information can change, so a recent review might be more accurate than an outdated description.

Record Keeping: Be Prepared for Tax Time

Even though you're enjoying GST-exempt products, keeping purchase records is crucial. Here's why:

  • GST Refunds: If you're a business with GST registration, claiming input tax credit (ITC) on exempt purchases might be possible under specific Proper records ensure you have the necessary documentation for potential claims.
  • Personal Tax Filing: While individuals generally don't claim ITC on exempt purchases, maintaining records strengthens your tax filing accuracy and helps clarify any future inquiries from tax authorities.


Benefits of Shopping for GST-exempt Products on Amazon:

  • Lower Prices: The absence of GST translates to direct savings on your purchase, making your budget stretch further.
  • Wider Selection: Amazon offers a diverse range of exempt products, from essential food items to educational materials and religious articles.
  • Convenience: Shop from the comfort of your home with the ease of online browsing and quick delivery options.
  • Transparency: Clearly displayed prices and tax information help you make informed

Importance of Staying Informed about GST Rules and Regulations:

  • Exemption Dynamics: GST exemptions can be dynamic, evolving based on government notifications, seller interpretations, and your location. Staying informed ensures you understand current exemption statuses and avoid unexpected tax charges.
  • Responsible Buyer: As a savvy shopper, it's important to verify exemptions through product descriptions and official Maintaining purchase records can be helpful for both personal tax filing and potential ITC claims (for businesses with GST registration).
  • Evolving Landscape: GST rules and regulations can undergo changes. Staying updated through official channels empowers you to adapt your shopping habits accordingly and maintain compliance.

In Conclusion:

Shopping for GST-exempt products on Amazon can offer valuable savings and convenience. However, remember that exemptions can be complex and vary depending on various factors. By being mindful of seller variations, location differences, and the importance of verifying information, you can navigate this diverse landscape confidently. Finally, staying informed about evolving GST rules ensures you remain an informed and responsible buyer.

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