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Selling on Flipkart Without GST: Is It Possible and What You Need to Know


Considering selling on Flipkart without a GST number? While it may seem like a viable option, understanding the implications is crucial. Let's delve into whether it's feasible to sell on Flipkart without a GSTIN and explore the requirements and benefits associated with GST registration for Flipkart sellers.

Is GSTIN Mandatory for Flipkart Sellers?

In compliance with Indian laws, Flipkart mandates that sellers possess a valid GSTIN for several reasons. Firstly, any business with an annual turnover exceeding Rs. 40 lakhs for goods or Rs. 20 lakhs for services must register for GST. This legal requirement applies to sellers on Flipkart, ensuring adherence to taxation regulations.

Tax Collection and Remittance

Flipkart operates as a tax collector, responsible for collecting and remitting GST to the government on behalf of sellers. Without a GSTIN, sellers cannot fulfill this obligation, thereby hindering their ability to sell on the platform.

Competitive Advantage:

Beyond legal compliance, having a GSTIN offers sellers a competitive advantage. It enables them to claim input tax credit (ITC) on purchases, thereby reducing their final tax liability. This cost-saving mechanism enhances competitiveness and positions sellers favorably in the marketplace.

Exploring the Benefits of Selling with GST

While the initial requirement of obtaining a GSTIN may seem daunting, the benefits it unlocks for Flipkart sellers are substantial:

Unlock Cost Savings with Input Tax Credit (ITC)

GST allows sellers to reclaim taxes paid on purchases (inputs) from taxes collected on sales (outputs). This results in direct cost savings, empowering sellers to invest resources in expanding their inventory or enhancing marketing efforts.

Offer Competitive Prices, Attract More Customers

Reduced costs due to ITC enable sellers to offer competitive prices on Flipkart. This attracts price-sensitive customers seeking value, driving sales and fostering business growth.

Wider Reach, More Opportunities

GST registration expands sellers' customer base, as many Flipkart shoppers specifically seek out GST-compliant sellers for transparency and trust. Compliance with GST regulations unlocks access to a broader audience, facilitating increased sales and business expansion.

Beyond Direct Benefits

In addition to direct advantages, GST compliance on Flipkart offers indirect benefits:

  • Flipkart actively promotes GST-compliant sellers, potentially increasing their visibility on the platform.
  • GST compliance fosters transparency and trust with customers, enhancing brand reputation and credibility.


In conclusion, while selling on Flipkart without a GSTIN may seem appealing, it's not feasible due to legal requirements and the associated benefits of GST registration. By embracing GST compliance, sellers can streamline operations, attract more customers, and achieve sustainable growth in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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