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Become a Prime Seller on Amazon: A Complete Action Plan


In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, becoming a Prime Seller on Amazon holds significant advantages. With the rise in online shopping, customers increasingly rely on platforms like Amazon for their purchasing needs. Prime Sellers enjoy a range of benefits, from increased visibility to expedited shipping, that can significantly boost their sales and reputation.

To become a Prime seller on Amazon, simply sign up for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). There are no joining fees or forms required. Your FBA inventory automatically qualifies for Prime once stocked in an Amazon Fulfillment Center.

Becoming an Amazon Prime seller opens up the doors to many opportunities which you can take advantage of and grow your business on Amazon. Now let's deep dive into how you can be eligible for Amazon Prime seller and grow your Amazon business.

How to Become a Prime Seller on Amazon

There are three main parts for becoming a Prime Seller on Amazon:

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a program offered by Amazon where you can store your products in their warehouse, and they will handle the storage, packing, shipping, and customer service for you. Here's how it works:
  • Send your products to Amazon: You will need to send your products to an Amazon warehouse. This is called "fulfillment center" (FC) in FBA terms.
  • Amazon takes care of everything: Once your products are in the warehouse, Amazon will take care of storing them, taking orders from customers, packing them up, shipping them out, and handling any customer service inquiries.

Advantages of FBA

There are several advantages to using FBA:

  • Time and energy savings: With FBA, you don't have to worry about the day-to-day tasks of fulfillment. This frees up your time and energy to focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Prime eligibility: When you use FBA, your products automatically become eligible for Amazon Prime. This is a big advantage as Prime members tend to prefer products that offer fast and free shipping.
  • Fast and reliable shipping: Since Amazon controls the fulfillment process, they can ensure fast and reliable shipping speeds for Prime members.

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Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)

Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) is another fulfillment option offered by Amazon where you handle the storage, packing, shipping, and customer service yourself. Here's how it differs from FBA:

  • Use your own warehouse: With SFP, you will need to have your own warehouse or fulfillment center where you store your products.
  • Meet Amazon's requirements: To qualify for the SFP program and offer Prime shipping on your products, you will need to meet certain performance metrics set by Amazon. These include:
    • Fast delivery speeds: You need to be able to consistently deliver orders to customers within the promised timeframe.
    • On-time delivery rates: Your packages should be delivered on time without delays.
    • Excellent customer service: You need to provide prompt and helpful customer service for any inquiries or issues that arise.
  • More control over fulfillment: One advantage of SFP is that you have more control over the fulfillment process compared to FBA. This can be beneficial if you have specific packaging or branding requirements, or if you want to handle customer interactions directly.

Benefits of Being a Prime Seller

Becoming a Prime Seller on Amazon unlocks a treasure trove of advantages that can significantly boost your business. Here's a closer look at some of the key benefits:

Increased Sales and Visibility

Prime members are active shoppers who prioritize convenience and fast delivery. By making your products Prime-eligible, you gain immediate access to this vast and engaged customer base.  Prime products are prominently displayed in search results and enjoy a higher ranking compared to non-Prime options. This increased visibility translates to a significantly higher chance of your products being seen and purchased by Prime members actively searching for items with the Prime badge.

Chance to Engage in Prime Day and Exclusive Sales Events

Prime Day, a prominent retail occasion organized by Amazon, presents a substantial sales prospect. As a Prime Vendor, you can partake in Prime Day and other exclusive sales gatherings throughout the year. These events draw considerable traffic and sales, enabling you to broaden your reach, manage inventory, and potentially entice new customers who may become regular purchasers.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Swift and dependable delivery lies at the heart of the Prime service. Utilizing FBA or meeting strict SFP criteria ensures your products reach Prime members swiftly and reliably. This results in happier customers who are more inclined to leave positive feedback and make repeat purchases. Emphasizing speedy delivery also reduces the likelihood of order cancellations and customer dissatisfaction.

Potential Enhancement of Brand Image

The esteemed Amazon Prime label signifies a dedication to excellence and customer contentment. By aligning your brand with Prime, you tap into the favorable reputation cultivated by Amazon among its extensive Prime membership base. This can lead to heightened brand recognition and trust, potentially attracting new customers actively seeking Prime-eligible offerings. Essentially, the Prime badge serves as a mark of endorsement, giving your brand a competitive advantage in the bustling online market.

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Considerations for Becoming a Prime Seller

While the benefits of becoming a Prime Seller are significant, there are also important considerations to keep in mind:

Costs associated with FBA

Conversely, the FBA method has developed a reputation for being expeditious and has automatic Prime eligibility but also other associated costs. We need to be very precise in setting these fees, making calculations and including them in your marketing strategy so you may keep being profitable. For instances of sellers with big wave products or bulky items, the storage fees may be high as needed.

Meeting SFP performance metrics

Being part of SFP and meeting Amazon's requirements means that these sellers met the performance metrics to stay at the spy level program. They cover such aspects of their operational functions as maintaining fast delivery speed, for instance, 1 or 2 days, having a rather low cancelation rate, and providing quality customer service. However, to satisfy these milestones may constitute a problem to vendors that hold limited warehouse space for large volumes of production. In case you miss the metrics, the privileges of selling on Amazon without the Prime credentials could be momentarily suspended and your Prime benefits -too- would not be applied.

Suitability of SFP based on your existing infrastructure

SFP is an effective option with no reward for those sellers who have a justified and suitable fulfillment system that always meets the tough performance standards of Amazon. While the former might be better for those who have access to significant resources, the latter might prove to be a more practical option if you're an individual with limited resources. The benefits of FBA are evident because of Amazon's infrastructure which you can make use of and easily avoid the hassle of managing your fulfillment. Accordingly, deeply analyze your logistics structure and platoon to discover if SPF is the right decision for your business.


Becoming a Prime Seller on Amazon can be a powerful growth strategy for your business.  It unlocks access to a vast pool of Prime members actively seeking fast and convenient shopping experiences.  Prime eligibility boosts your product visibility, increases your Amazon sales potential, and allows you to participate in exclusive sales events.  Additionally, offering fast and reliable delivery through FBA or SFP enhances customer satisfaction and fosters brand loyalty.  However, the decision to become a Prime Seller requires careful consideration.

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