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VPOB & APOB for 3PL Onboarding (D2C Brands)

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Maximizing D2C Warehousing with 3PL Onboarding using APOB

Package Inclusions

  • 11-Month Rent Agreement
  • GST PPOB Registration & Approval
  • APOB Addition (3PLs)
  • Authorized Representative
  • Dedicated Desk
  • Compliance Management
  • Document Mailing
  • Post GST Approval Support (Lifetime)


Are you a D2C brand looking to expand your reach into new markets? If so, then you need to consider VPOB and APOB. VPOB and APOB help you get GST registered in the states where you want to sell, and APOB helps you get access to 3PLs APOB provides access to third-party logistics (3PL) providers who handle the entire fulfilment process.

What is VPOB and APOB?

VPoB stands for Virtual Place of Business. It is a physical space that provides e-commerce sellers with a business address that they can use to get GST registered in states where they want to sell. It also allows them to access warehouses in that state.

An Additional Place of Business (APOB) refers to any location beyond the principal place of business specified in the GST registration certificate. This could include branch offices, warehouses, factories, or any other premises where business activities are conducted.

What are 3PLs?

3PL stands for third-party logistics. In the context of ecommerce, a 3PL is a company that provides logistics services to online retailers. These services can include warehousing, inventory management, order fulfillment, and shipping.

3PLs can be a great way for ecommerce businesses to outsource their logistics operations. This can free up the business to focus on other areas, such as marketing and product development. 3PLs can also help businesses to improve their logistics efficiency and reduce their costs.

Understanding 3PL in the D2C Warehousing Landscape

Third-party logistics, commonly known as 3PL, is a transformative solution for e-commerce businesses. In the realm of direct-to-consumer (D2C) warehousing, 3PL companies offer a suite of logistics services, including warehousing, inventory management, order fulfillment, and shipping. By leveraging 3PL, D2C brands can efficiently outsource their logistics operations, allowing them to concentrate on core business areas like marketing and product innovation.

The Role of APOB in 3PL Onboarding

An Additional Place of Business (APOB) is more than just a term; it's a gateway for D2C brands to expand their reach. APOB refers to any location beyond the principal business place specified in the GST registration certificate. This could encompass branch offices, warehouses, factories, or other business-conducting premises. With APOB, brands can seamlessly access third-party logistics providers, ensuring a smooth fulfillment process.

Why D2C Brands Should Embrace 3PL and APOB

The e-commerce landscape is evolving, and D2C brands need to stay ahead of the curve. By integrating 3PL into their operations and understanding the significance of APOB, brands can:

  • Expand Their Reach: With APOB, brands can get GST registered in new states, opening doors to new markets and audiences.
  • Enhance Efficiency: 3PL providers bring expertise in logistics, ensuring timely deliveries and efficient inventory management.
  • Cost Savings: Outsourcing logistics can lead to significant cost savings, allowing brands to invest in other growth areas.

In conclusion, the synergy between 3PL and APOB is undeniable. For D2C brands aiming to scale and optimize their operations, understanding and implementing these concepts is crucial.



 VPOB helps brands to get GST registered in the states where they want to sell. This ensures that they are compliant with local tax laws.

Time savings:

VPOB and APOB can help to streamline the 3PL onboarding process, saving brands time and money.


TheGSTCo. has a team of experts who can help brands with all aspects of 3PL onboarding.


APOB gives brands access to a network of vetted 3PL providers. This can help brands to find the right 3PL for their needs.

Our Process

Virtual Office

STEP 1: Discuss with our Experts

Get in touch with our Experts via Call, Whatsapp, Email and Share your Requirements


STEP 2: Finalize Quote

Get an Email Quote of VPPOB and Process Payment

Capital Requirement

STEP 3: Complete VPPOB KYC

Share Company Documents with our Team and Complete Agreement Signing and Documentation as per Government Norms


STEP 4: PPOB GST Application

Once Documentation is complete, our team will apply for GST Number for Each State


STEP 5: 3PL Warehouse Addition

Post GSTN Approval, our team will process Additional Place of Business Amendment

Why choose us?

  • Fast Virtual PPOB & APOB: We have a proven track record of securing a 95% GST Approval Rate within 15 days, facilitating swift business operations.
  • GST VPPOB Compliant Premise: Every Premise owned and operated by AsperaTech has 2+ reps, case-to-case documentation, and name boards attached. Our goal is to make our premise GST-Cancellation Proof as we deeply understand how it affects the ecommerce sellers business.
  • Understanding of Ecommerce Sellers' Needs: Our team possesses a deep understanding of the unique requirements of Ecommerce Sellers, and we are committed to serving these needs efficiently. We ourselves intimate amazon sellers to file GST and tackle issues in case notices arrive
  • Expertise on Advisory Board: Our Advisory Board includes qualified CA & Tax Consultants, ensuring our operations are compliant and advantageous from a financial perspective.
  • Direct Government Office Communications: We maintain direct communication with government offices, expediting processes and eliminating unnecessary delays.

We can help you get access to the following 3PLs:

3PL Provider Services Strengths
Blue Dart Express Domestic and international express delivery, last-mile delivery, reverse logistics Strong network of warehouses and distribution centers, global reach
FedEx Express delivery, freight forwarding, supply chain management Strong network of warehouses and distribution centers around the world, reliable and efficient
Delhivery Warehousing, transportation, last-mile delivery Strong network of warehouses and distribution centers across India, good for e-commerce businesses
WAREIQ Cloud-based logistics platform, order tracking, inventory management, transportation management Streamlines logistics operations, easy to use
SHIPROCKET Warehousing, transportation, last-mile delivery Cost-effective, flexible
ESHOPBOX E-commerce fulfillment, warehousing, transportation, last-mile delivery Reliable and efficient, specializes in e-commerce
NIMBUSPOST Cross-border shipping, international express delivery, freight forwarding, customs clearance Specializes in cross-border shipping, reliable and efficient
PICKRR Same-day delivery, reverse logistics, on-demand delivery Flexible and reliable, meets the needs of customers
QUICKSHIFT Warehousing, transportation, last-mile delivery Reliable and efficient, specializes in the automotive industry

Documents Required for VPPoB

Nature of Document Proprietorship Partnership Private Limited
PAN Yes Yes Yes
Address Proof Yes Yes (of Partner) Yes (of Director)
Photograph Yes Yes (of Partner) Yes (of Director)
Cancelled Cheque Yes Yes Yes
Board Resolution No No Yes
Authorised Signatory Letter No Yes Yes
Partnership Deed No Yes No

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Experience: With over 7 years of dedicated service, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise in assisting ecommerce sellers and brands.
  • Our Expertise: Our team of legal experts boasts a decade of experience in the ecommerce industry, making us well-equipped to handle various challenges and intricacies faced by online businesses.
  • Fast Execution: Time is of the essence, and we understand the importance of swift service delivery. Our team ensures that your requirements are promptly addressed, maximizing the speed and efficiency of our solutions.
  • Best Rates: At our core, we aim to provide exceptional value to our clients. We strike a perfect balance by offering top-tier services at highly competitive rates, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

VPOB and APOB help you get GST registered in states where you want to sell, ensuring compliance with local tax laws. APOB enables you to access third-party logistics (3PL) providers, streamlining your fulfillment process for faster and more efficient order processing. Expanding your presence to different states can help your D2C brand reach a broader customer base and boost sales.

Compliance Management involves managing and ensuring adherence to various legal and regulatory requirements related to GST registration and logistics operations. The service ensures that your business complies with all necessary rules and regulations, avoiding any potential legal issues.

Outsourcing logistics to 3PLs allows you to focus on core business activities, such as product development and marketing. 3PLs have established expertise in managing logistics, leading to improved operational efficiency. It can potentially reduce logistics costs and enhance customer satisfaction through timely and reliable order fulfillment.

  • Increased efficiency: 3PLs have the expertise and resources to streamline your logistics operations. This can free up your time and resources so you can focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Reduced costs: 3PLs can often negotiate better rates with shipping carriers than you can on your own. This can save you money on shipping costs.
  • Improved customer service: 3PLs can help you to improve your customer service by providing faster and more accurate shipping. This can help you to build customer loyalty and repeat business.

More than 10,000 Happy Clients.

As an eCommerce Seller on Amazon Platform we had a requirement to get GST Number in 12 States, Team theGSTco helped us getting GSTN for our Amazon Business in 12 States within a Span of 30 Days.

As a small D2C Brand, majority of our customers ordered from southern parts of India. TheGSTCo helped us get a GSTN in Karnataka within a Span of 15 Days.

As a Traditional Foreign Subsidiary Company we were planning on going live on Amazon FBA, with an increased reach. theGSTco helped us establish GST Presence in Compliance Heavy States with ease.

As an Amazon Seller and D2C Brand we opted for theGSTco VPPoB Services in 7 States. The Team was very Responsive and we got GSTN within 30-45 Days Span

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