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FSSAI Product Approval in India

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The FSSAI Product Approval process is the method through which products containing additives or ingredients that do not comply with prescribed standards in the Food Safety & Standards Act and Regulations gain approval from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). This essential approval, granted at the Central Government level, is crucial for ensuring the safety and compliance of food products entering the market.

FSSAI has established stringent Standards and Regulations to guarantee the availability of wholesome and safe food for consumption. Manufacturers introducing new food items, excluding standard products, must obtain FSSAI approval before market launch. This validation by FSSAI ensures that products or items entering Indian markets comply with safety and hygiene standards, with the authority vigilantly monitoring every new product launch.

In the context of FSSAI regulations, obtaining a valid FSSAI Registration and license has become imperative for Food Business Operators (FBOs) to conduct business in the food industry. FBOs must acquire FSSAI food consent before introducing any new item or food to the market, emphasizing the significance of adherence to FSSAI guidelines for consumer safety and trust.

Online Application System and Implementation

Online Application System:

The advent of the online Food Product Approval System (FPAS) by FSSAI has significantly simplified the application process for Food Business Operators (FBOs). This web-based system streamlines the submission and tracking of product approval applications, making it more convenient and accessible.

Online System Implementation:

FSSAI's introduction of the FPAS online system represents a significant stride toward transparency and efficiency. This system allows FBOs to submit and track their product approval applications digitally. It aims to handle the increasing number of applications more effectively and ensures a smoother process for applicants.

When FSSAI Product Approval is required

  1. Existing product owners lacking safety evaluation for their items.
  2. Introduction of new ingredients or products into the industry.
  3. Proprietary products necessitating approval before market introduction.
  4. Products lacking prior safety assessments.
  5. Products or ingredients not utilized or manufactured in any global location.

Benefits Derived from FSSAI Product Approval

  1. Streamlined Processes and Reduced Regulatory Risks: Standardized examination processes minimize time loss and lower risks associated with regulatory non-compliance, ensuring smoother operations for your business.

  2. Enhanced Consumer Confidence in Brand Safety: Approval from FSSAI establishes your brand as a trustworthy seller offering products deemed entirely safe for consumption, fostering consumer confidence and trust.

  3. Global Confidence in Quality and Safety: Rigorous safety and quality tests aligned with global standards assure both domestic and international customers of the high quality and safety of your food products.

  4. Expanded Industry Engagement and Networking: FSSAI Product Approval opens doors to an extended network and heightened industry engagement, fostering collaborations and partnerships among stakeholders, which can benefit your business.

Information Required for Application:

  1. Business Details:

    • Business Name
    • Business Address
    • Brand Name
    • Type of Business (Manufacturer / Importer / Retailer / Marketer)
  2. Manufacturing Information:

    • Method of Manufacturing
    • Claim (if any)
    • Product’s Shelf Life
    • Pack Size
    • Serving Details
    • Ingredients Details
    • Product Origin
    • Country of Origin
    • Existence in the Market
    • Common Name
  3. Contact Information:

    • Email
    • Phone Number
    • Manufacturer's Address


Required Documents for Application

  1. Manufacturing Documents:

    • Manufacturing Method Details
    • Datasheet of Real-time Stability
    • Analysis Certificate from NABL Lab
  2. Application Forms and Declarations:

    • Form-9 & Undertaking
    • Accelerated Stability Datasheet
    • Label for the Food Item or Product
    • End-Use Declaration Document

Frequently Asked Questions

FSSAI license is based on the premise and can cover all kinds of food business activities carried out at that location.

It’s the process by which a product gets approved by FSSAI in which the additive and/or ingredient are not as per prescribed standards in the acts & regulations.

Food products including food additives or ingredients for which there are no standards informed by FSSAI will require this approval.

Approval times vary but typically range from 7 days to 60 days, depending on the type of license and completeness of the application.

FSSAI offers three main categories: Basic Registration, State License, and Central License, based on the scale and nature of the food business.

The FSSAI is a certified food regulator in the country. It implements & drafts regulations of the manufacture & sale of food products in India.

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