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How to Search GST Number by Company Name: Step by Step Process


The GST number plays a very important role in linking companies and it also complies with the law. Still, it is a complicated trap to find out the GST number of the company only by its name. All businesses that register under GST are provided with a 15-digit Goods and Services Tax Identification Number. Doing GST registration makes it easier for you to do business and also helps you legally. In this article, we have told you what the GST number is, how search GST number by company name step by step.

What is GSTIN

Goods and Services Tax Identification Number is known as a Unique Identification Number. This GST number is allotted to all the taxpayers who are registered under the GST system. This 15 digit alphanumeric PAN based code proves to be very helpful for the tax authorities in radically simplifying the administration processes. Basically it is used to check the authenticity of any business. It also plays a key role in maintaining GST payment and due records. A business entity can have multiple GST numbers for different branches. If you operate the same business from different states or Union Territories in India, it is very important that you have a separate Goods and Services Tax Number.

Use of GST Search Tool

If you know the name of any GST registered company or know the Individual Identification Number then you can easily get the GST Number or GSTIN of that company. Every state basically has a list of the names of companies and their GST numbers and this list shows the division of taxpayers between the state and the central government. This means that any person can find out the GST number of the company with the help of its name or PAN.

What is the format of the GST Identification Number?

GST Identification Number follows a specific pattern which are as follows:

  • The first two characters of the GST identification number represent the state code.
  • Digits 3 to 12 of the GST number represent the PAN number of the person who is associated with a business registered under GST.
  • The 13th digit shows the total number of registrations a person has done with the same PAN.
  • By default the 14th character is 'Z'
  • The 15th character is basically a check code that detects errors.

Steps to Find GST Number with Company Name

In order to find a GST number, we will have to use some third-party tools. Here is the step-by-step process to find a GST number by company name.

Step.1) Visit

Step.2) Select a particular state or all states.

Step.3) Type the name of the GST taxpayer or the name of the company.

Step.4) Click on the box of I'm not a robot

Step.5) Click on the search button.

After clicking on the search button, it will show the GST number of that company.


Any business whose turnover exceeds the threshold limit is mandatory to register under GST. After GST registration, you get a 15 digit GST number, which is mainly used to check the authentication of the business. If you want to avail the  legal benefits and want your business to come out of the complexities of tax, then you should register your business under GST. In this article we told you how by using the GST search tool you can find out the GST number of the company only by its name.

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