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How to Check GST Registration Status Using ARN


Dealing with the complexity of tax compliance remains an integral part of many businesses today. One of the important aspects is monitoring the status of GST registration. The Application Reference Number basically acts as a beacon to monitor the status of the registration. It allows you to track your GST registration status in a streamlined manner. We will basically understand the use of Application Reference Number in this article to track  the GST status effectively. It is very important for both the business or business owner managing GST registration to understand how to avail ARN as it will basically save their time and help them in knowing the exact status of their registration. In this article we will tell you what ARN is and how you can know the status of your GST registration with the help of ARN.

What Is ARN in GST?

Application Reference Number is a 15 digit alphanumeric code assigned to your GST registration application. It basically acts as an identifier to track the progress of your application. The GST portal automatically generates the Application Reference Number after you submit your GST registration application. This number basically allows you to know the status of your application at various stages from submission to rejection. The application reference number also serves to facilitate coordination between GST authorities.

How to Check GST Registration Status Using ARN

Step.1) Log in to the GST portal.

Step.2) Navigate to ‘ Services ’> ‘ Registration’> then click on Track Application Status.

Step.3) Enter the ARN along with captcha, then click on the search button.

After clicking on the search button, it will show your GST registration status.

Different types of GST ARN Application Status

  • Submitted: This status appears if your application has been successfully submitted.
  • Pending for Processing: This status appears when your application is waiting for processing.
  • Validation against error: This is the status you see if your application passes validation.
  • Resubmission Request: This status basically appears when the applicant needs to resubmit the application after rectifying the error.
  • Approval: This status appears after your application has been approved.
  • Rejected: This is basically the status that appears if your application has been rejected due to incomplete or incorrect information.


In Conclusion, the direct way to track the status of your Goods and Services Tax (GST) application is basically using the Application Reference Number. By visiting the official portal of GST you can seamlessly monitor the exact status of your GST registration by entering your ARN. This will help you know whether your registration is approved, rejected or pending. This streamlined process basically serves to ensure transparency in the management of your GST registration.

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