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How to Check Annual Turnover in GST Portal in 3 Easy Steps

Introduction to GST and Annual Turnover

In India, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) has simplified the taxation system by amalgamating various indirect taxes into one comprehensive tax. For businesses registered under GST, it's crucial to keep track of their annual turnover, which is the total revenue earned by the business within a financial year.

Importance of Checking Annual Turnover

Monitoring annual turnover is essential for GST-registered businesses for several reasons. It helps in assessing business growth, filing accurate tax returns, and complying with legal requirements. Additionally, understanding annual turnover aids in strategic decision-making and financial planning.

Checking Your Turnover

  • Login to the GST Portal: Enter your credentials on the GST portal's official website (
  • Access the Dashboard: On the main screen, locate the "Go to the Dashboard" option at the bottom right corner and click on it.

how to check annual turnover in gst portal

  • View Your Turnover: The next window will display your total turnover. This figure is based on the returns you've filed and any estimated amounts submitted.

how to check total turnover in gst portal

Updating Your Turnover (if necessary)

  • Initiate the Change: If you believe the displayed turnover is inaccurate, click the "View/Update" button next to the turnover figure.

how to check turnover on gst portal

  • Provide Accurate Information: In the new window, enter the correct turnover amount. You can also add remarks to explain the discrepancy and upload supporting documents (invoices, ledgers, etc.) to justify your claim.

how to get annual turnover from gst portal

  • Submit the Application: Once you've entered all necessary details, click the "Submit" button to send your request to the GST department.

Processing and Communication

After submitting your application, the GST department will review it within 30 days. During this period, the displayed turnover remains unchanged. If the department approves your request, the adjusted turnover will be reflected on your dashboard. If they require further information or clarifications, they will contact you for verification before making any changes.

Important Notes

Submitting accurate turnover information is crucial for complying with GST regulations. Ensure you have proper documentation to support any changes you request. If you have any difficulties navigating the portal or require further assistance, contact the GST department's helpdesk or a qualified tax consultant.

Additional Tips

Regularly review your turnover figures to ensure accuracy and avoid potential penalties. Stay updated on any changes in GST regulations that might affect how your turnover is calculated or reported.


By following these steps and adhering to the notes, you can confidently check and, if necessary, update your annual turnover in the GST portal. Remember, timely and accurate reporting is essential for smooth compliance and avoids unnecessary complications.

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