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GSTN Activates Geocoding Functionality for Additional Place of Business Addresses

Good news for Indian businesses! The Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) has rolled out nationwide geocoding for "Additional Place of Business" addresses. This means no matter where your additional business locations are, you can now register them with pinpoint accuracy on the GST portal.

Previously, this feature was only available for the principal place of business. Now, with over 2.5 Crore addresses already geocoded, GSTN is taking another step towards seamless tax compliance for businesses with multiple locations.

Here's how it works:

  • Access: You can find the geocoding feature on the GST portal under Services > Registration > Geocoding Business Addresses.
  • Update: The system will automatically generate an address, which you can accept or modify. If there's no auto-generated address, you can input it manually.
  • View: Check your saved geocoded addresses anytime under My Profile > Geocoded Places of Business.
  • One-time: Remember, this is a one-time process. No revisions are allowed after submission. Previously geocoded addresses through registration or amendments remain valid.
  • For everyone: All taxpayer types – normal, composition, SEZ units, developers, ISD, and casual – can access this feature, regardless of their activation status.


  • Enhanced accuracy: Geocoding ensures precise location data for your business locations, minimizing errors and simplifying tax calculations.
  • Streamlined compliance: This feature makes updating and managing your GST registration information smooth and efficient.
  • Improved transparency: Accurate location data supports better tax administration and reduces potential compliance issues.

Overall, this nationwide rollout of geocoding for "Additional Place of Business" addresses marks a significant advancement in India's GST system. It promises greater convenience, accuracy, and transparency for businesses across the country.

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