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eMitra: Simplifying Government Services in Rajasthan


eMitra or the government initiative in Rajasthan, India, is now providing an opportunity for citizens to connect and get access to the wide range of government services in a manner that suits them conveniently. Visualize a store where all your basics are in one shop station! Through the eMitra, you can pay directly bills either electricity, water, or mobile phone via online method instead of taking a trip to service providers in person. Apart from being so convenient, this service guarantees you that you will not spend your time lining up at various government offices to renew licenses amongst other services.

Also, this service allows you to download certificates, submit application forms for various government schemes, and even recharge your mobile or DTH connection – all from the comfort of your home. The app is multiplatform and can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices. With just that smartphone of yours, you are enabled to explore these services as you please, anywhere, at any time; thus, at your fingertips. In Rajasthan, if you're a resident and looking forward to an easier way for your interaction with the government, eMitra can be such an option, not only that!

eMitra Online Services

eMitra's multimode online services cover a vast array of functionalities that will ease all your interactions with the governmental department. Here are some key highlights:

  • Bill Payments: say goodbye to queues and stay-at-home fees! Go to the eMitra portal to make payments for your electricity, water, and mobile phone bills directly. As a result, you are not required to be at a bill-paying office and this enables you to be paid at each billing office on time.
  • Certificate Downloads: If you must have a print of your income, caste, or domicile certificate, wait no longer. Emessa will help you avail of birth and death certificates online, 24/7. This lets you save the omissions and hindrances of asking for two identical versions from authorities and obtain it immediately.
  • Application Form Submissions: Acquiring access to government scheme codes for the long list of procedures. eMitra makes this procedure straightforward for you as you can submit application forms electronically. This saves time and takes moderation as you can fill up and submit the forms at your own pace. Create an unlimited number of jobs with little effort.

Downloading the eMitra App

To earn more convenience, eMitra has a mobile app readily available for download on both Android and App Store platforms. Thus all the same internet services mentioned above will be available at hand for you in the form of your smartphone. Here's how to get started:

  • Finding the App: Initiate a search of the app store that is native to your device, either Google Play Store, which works with Android devices, or Appstore used for iOS-based devices.
  • Download and Installation: In the search bar, type eMitra and add "em (Mein), thus you would be redirected to the official app from the Department of Information Technology and Communication, Government of Rajasthan. Upon locating this option, just tap "Install," to get the app and install it in your phone.
  • Safety First: Of course, you should be using only official app stores to download it (the app). Do not download using less trusted sources because they may contain malware which may even compromise your personal data.

Additional Information

Registering for an eMitra Account: Registering for an eMitra Account:

Even though some services may not need one, you need to have eMitra account to gain the best of the eMitra experience. Use our AI to write for you about any topic! Enjoy The operator who can usually register through a website or in a nearby eMitra kiosk. Regarding eMitra, refer to the official website of eMitra Rajasthan for detailed steps on account opening.

Exploring Services and Charges:

The eMitra website provides an all-inclusive department of all available services depicted alongside their attributable fees. You can figure out a secure way to do this and also understand any fees charged too. Their website is designed in a way that facilitates potential clients to glance through the service list and fee structure without any charges.

Helpdesk Support:

The center of your attraction and the point of making queries or for assistance the dedicated eMitra Helpdesk is. Kindly contact us by calling the following numbers, +91-141-2922241 and +91-141-2922238. Please, contact us in another way, for example, by sending us an email to Having them as a middleman, who represent you can help you through processes and try to fix anything should there be glitches.


eMitra, the information portal, offers the latest in digital technologies to the citizens of Rajasthan as they partake in the governance process. The platform is at the user's fingertips through a website and a mobile app that allows to carry out the majority of the process-like bill payments, certificate download or application submission.

No more standing in line and spending a long-time filing paperwork, just get all these completed in the comfort of your home or on the go via the convenient eMitra app, which will free your time and effort. Regardless of whether you want to pay the electricity bill, get your domicile certificate for downloading, or submit application form, eMitra has that done for you. Put the revolutionary program of e-service to immediate use and enjoy a stress-free to contact the government services.

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