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Best Tools for Amazon Sellers: Research, Optimization, Inventory Management, and Marketing


Selling on Amazon has become a popular way for businesses and individuals to reach a large audience and generate sales. However, with millions of sellers on the platform, it can be difficult to stand out and succeed. To increase their chances of success, many Amazon sellers turn to tools to help with research, optimization, inventory management, and marketing.

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Research and Analytics Tools

Research and analytics tools can help Amazon sellers find profitable products to sell, track their competitors, and analyze data to make informed decisions. Some of the best tools in this category include:

  • Jungle Scout: a popular tool for finding profitable products and analyzing sales data
  • Helium 10: offers a suite of tools for keyword research, product research, and more
  • Viral Launch: provides tools for product research, keyword research, and listing optimization
  • Keepa: a browser extension that tracks price history and other data on Amazon products

Listing Optimization Tools

Optimizing product listings is crucial for Amazon sellers to improve their visibility and increase sales. Listing optimization tools can help sellers with tasks such as keyword research, analyzing product listings, and improving product images. Some of the best tools in this category include:

  • Sellics: offers tools for keyword research, competitor analysis, and product listing optimization
  • AMZ Tracker: provides tools for keyword research, competitor tracking, and product optimization
  • FeedbackWhiz: a tool for managing feedback and reviews, as well as optimizing product listings
  • Listing Eagle: a tool for monitoring product listings and receiving alerts for hijackers and other issues

Inventory Management Tools

Managing inventory is a critical aspect of selling on Amazon, and inventory management tools can help sellers automate processes, forecast demand, and avoid stockouts. Some of the best tools in this category include:

  • RestockPro: a tool for managing inventory, creating purchase orders, and forecasting demand
  • Inventory Lab: offers tools for managing inventory, tracking expenses, and creating FBA shipments
  • Forecastly: a tool for forecasting demand and creating purchase orders
  • Skubana: a comprehensive tool for managing inventory across multiple channels, including Amazon

Marketing Tools

Marketing tools can help Amazon sellers promote their products and increase sales through tactics such as email campaigns and social media advertising. Some of the best tools in this category include:

  • AMZPromoter: a tool for creating and managing Amazon product giveaways
  • Feedback Genius: a tool for managing feedback and reviews, as well as creating email campaigns
  • Ignite by Seller Labs: offers tools for Amazon PPC advertising and keyword research
  • LandingCube: a tool for creating landing pages for Amazon products to drive external traffic and increase sales


While there are many tools available for Amazon sellers, using a combination of research, optimization, inventory management, and marketing tools can help maximize success on the platform. The best tools for each category include Jungle Scout, Sellics, RestockPro, and AMZPromoter, among others

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