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What is VPOB? Explaining Virtual Place of Business for New Age Companies

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The growth of remote work and ecommerce has led to rising adoption of technology-enabled newer business models by companies aiming to build lean, agile organizations. Virtual infrastructure perfectly caters to the needs of such modern businesses.

One such essential virtual solution is VPOB or Virtual Place of Business. But what exactly does VPOB mean and entail? What benefits does it offer? Let’s dig deeper into understanding this innovative location-independent business support system in this guide.

Defining Virtual Place of Business (VPOB)

VPOB refers to using a professional business mailing address along with associated virtual services without physically occupying rented premises. Some key aspects include:

  • Provides a registered legal address that can serve as company's primary Registered Office address.
  • Offers allied services like mail/call handling, access to meeting rooms, administrative support etc.
  • Helps establish a formal business presence in desired geographic regions or markets.
  • Suits location-agile remote teams, startups, ecommerce firms aiming to minimize operational costs.
  • Removes hassles of maintaining owned/rented offices, support staff etc.
  • Boosts brand value through addresses at prestigious locations.
  • Fully compliant with legal address requirements for various registrations, licenses etc.

So in essence, VPOB enables embracing virtual infrastructure to gain all the address validity and compliance benefits of traditional offices in a flexible and cost-efficient manner.

Business Benefits of Using VPOB Solution

Here are some of the major upsides of using VPOB for modern enterprises:

  • Cost savings - Avoid expensive real estate rental and office setup costs.
  • Enhanced agility - Easy to launch new virtual offices or scale existing ones.
  • Location flexibility - Establish presence across Tier 1 cities without relocation hurdles.
  • Time savings - Setup ready offices within days versus months for traditional office.
  • Improved accessibility - Virtual office matchmaking services connect you to suitable addresses.
  • Administrative support - Optional assistants or staff as per work volumes.
  • Legal compliance - Fully valid for meeting address compliance needs.
  • Technology enablement - Accessible 24x7, manageable remotely via online dashboards.
  • Professional image - Brand uplift via prestigious addresses.
  • Focus on core work - No office management responsibilities for you.

VPOB solutions combine the legality and functionality of traditional offices with the flexibility, savings and convenience of cloud-based virtual systems.

Purposes VPOB Addresses Serve For Businesses

Here are some scenarios where businesses leverage VPOB solutions:

Company Registration

As per India’s Companies Act 2013, VPOB addresses from leading business centers can legally serve as the registered office address for company incorporation.

Tax Registrations

GST, professional tax and other tax registrations mandatory for doing business in specific states require registered premises proof, which VPOBs provide.


Businesses use VPOB addresses for associated services like FSSAI food license, MSME registration etc. where local address submission is required.

Workspace On-Demand

VPOB allows utilizing desks, cabins, meeting rooms etc. in prime locations on pay-per-use model as per business needs.

Mail Handling

Managing of incoming mails, couriers etc. at VPOB address adds a professional touch for customer communication.

Call Answering

Dedicated VPOB staff answering calls with company name lends authenticity and responsiveness to customer queries.


VPOB providers maintain appropriate records, invoices etc. suitable for address proof submission needed for audits and assessments.

Geographic Expansion

Can quickly establish additional VPOBs across metros, cities as needed for geographic business expansion.

For each business scenario, VPOB offers the optimal mix of legitimacy, flexibility and affordability.

Who Can Benefit from Using VPOB Solutions?

Here are some examples of new age companies who can maximize the advantages offered by Virtual Place of Business systems:

  • Growing startups who want to avoid long-term office leasing as they scale.
  • Ecommerce firms needing registered addresses across states for logistics and GST compliance.
  • SMBs with multi-city operations where managing numerous real offices is cumbersome.
  • Hybrid work startups with employees located across different cities.
  • Digital marketing, graphic design, recruitment or other remote expert teams.
  • Independent consultants, stock traders, influencers, artists and other solo founders.
  • Businesses frequently taking part in exhibitions, pop-ups where temporary space is ideal.

Essentially any mobile, lean or remotely distributed organization can embrace technological solutions like VPOB for location-independent operations.

Key Considerations in Choosing VPOB Partner

Here are crucial aspects to evaluate when selecting your VPOB provider:

  • Locations in your target cities
  • Quality and size options for virtual office spaces
  • Mail handling and call answering capabilities
  • Availability of online dashboards and tools
  • Value-added services like accounting, legal assistance
  • Experience assisting with registrations and compliance
  • Reliable legal documentation like rent and utility agreements
  • Responsiveness to queries and support reliability
  • Pricing model aligning with usage needs

Take time to thoroughly assess providers based on reviews, certifications, service capabilities, and pricing to tie up with the right partner for maximizing VPOB benefits.


For new age enterprises aiming for lean operations and location-independent agility, integrating cutting edge VPOB solutions is proving to be a smart strategy. With thorough due diligence, robust VPOB systems can form the core virtual infrastructure empowering your business vision and augmenting growth.

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