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Meet Our Team

Welcome to our team!

At TheGSTCo, we're proud of the talented and dedicated professionals who make up our team. Our team at TheGSTCo combines years of experience in ecommerce and GST operations, enabling us to provide all-in-one VPOB services for ecommerce sellers.

Get to know the individuals who are committed to providing exceptional service and expertise to our clients.

Legal Experts

Kumar Gardas - Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Bio: With 12 years of rich ecommerce experience and 6 years dedicated to GST and compliance handling, Kumar serves as our COO. He becomes the Authorized Business Representative for our clients. When GST officers visit, he communicates with GST officers and becomes the business representative for our clients' companies. He also ensures guaranteed GST approvals in case GST was rejected by the GST department.

Operations and Support

Prashant Sarsambi - Senior GST Operations Manager

Bio: With 8 years of ecommerce experience and 5 years of expertise in GST operations, Prashant efficiently manages our GST operations. He answers queries raised by GST officers for our clients, ensuring fast GST approvals.

Shrikant Kamtam - Senior GST Operations Manager

Bio: Shrikant, with 9 years of ecommerce experience and 5 years in GST operations, plays a crucial role in managing and streamlining GST processes for our clients. He ensures that every person in our team is working properly and giving attention to each and every case so that services are not delayed.

Anuradha Bet - Senior GST Operations Executive

Bio: Anuradha, with 4 years of proficiency in GST operations, contributes to our team's success by handling GST-related tasks with precision. She takes care of the difficult tasks in the GST process, handles the clients' queries, and provides them with the best support.

Tarun Pandal - Junior GST Operations Executive

Bio: Bringing 3 years of dedicated GST operations experience, Tarun is committed to ensuring the smooth execution of GST-related tasks for our clients. He takes care of the documentation and GST applications, ensuring that GST applications are filed properly and on time.

We are committed to simplifying multi-state operations and ensuring our clients can seamlessly expand their ecommerce business operations and thrive in the ecommerce world while we take care of all compliance requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about how our team can assist you multi state operations for your ecommerce business.

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theGSTco has been a reliable partner for my business. They helped me with GST issues and seller registrations on e-commerce platforms. Suraj was very helpful

As an Amazon Seller and D2C Brand we opted for theGSTco VPPoB Services in 7 States. The Team was very Responsive and we got GSTN within 15-30 Days Span

As a Toys D2C Brand, majority of our customers ordered from southern parts of India. TheGSTCo helped us Setup Amazon FBA in Record 15 Days and we were able to grow in Sale Season

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