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How to Get a Virtual Office for GST Registration in Delhi


A virtual office in Delhi is a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to establish a presence in India's capital city without the expense of traditional office space. A virtual office allows you to have a prestigious business address, document mailing, GST registration, and much more, without the need to physically be present at the office. This can be especially useful for small businesses, entrepreneurs, D2C brands, e-commerce sellers, and remote workers, as it allows them to maintain a professional image while working from anywhere. In this blog, we will discuss everything about virtual offices that you should know and also guide you on how to get them.

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What is virtual office ?

A virtual office is a service that allows individuals and businesses to have a professional mailing address, telephone number, and in some cases a physical location to meet clients and conduct business, without the need for a traditional office space. It typically includes mail and call handling services, as well as access to meeting rooms and other business services. Virtual offices can be used by entrepreneurs, small businesses, remote workers, or companies looking to expand their presence to a new location. It is a cost-effective alternative to traditional office space and allows for flexibility and mobility, as the user can work from anywhere. Virtual office providers usually have a location in prime business areas, which can give a business a more professional image and increase credibility with clients and partners.

What are the advantages of having a virtual office, and why is it necessary for GST registration? 

Virtual office services can be beneficial for businesses looking to register for GST (Goods and Services Tax) in India for a few reasons:

  1. Business address: GST registration requires a valid business address. A virtual office can provide a professional mailing address for businesses that do not have a physical office space.

  2. GST registration can take longer time, virtual office providers can help in tracking the registration process and keep the clients updated.

  3. The Virtual Office package also includes GST registration services, which can simplify the process for businesses and ensure that the registration is completed accurately and efficiently.

It's important to note that it's mandatory to have a physical office to register for GST in India and virtual office is one of the options for registered address for the GST registration, however the physical office can be a rented one or owned by the business.

Why Delhi is good location for virtual office?

Delhi is a good location for a virtual office for a few reasons:

  1. Economic hub: Delhi is a major economic hub in India, with a diverse range of industries and businesses. Having a virtual office in Delhi can provide access to a large pool of potential clients and partners.

  2. Strategic location: Delhi is well-connected to other major cities in India and internationally, making it a strategic location for business operations.

  3. Skilled workforce: Delhi has a large and skilled workforce, which can be beneficial for businesses looking to outsource certain tasks or hire employees remotely.

  4. Cost-effective: Compared to other major cities in India, the cost of setting up a virtual office in Delhi is relatively low, making it an affordable option for small businesses and startups.

  5. Government support: The Government of Delhi has implemented several initiatives to promote entrepreneurship and support small businesses, which can be beneficial for virtual office holders.

  6. Improved infrastructure: Delhi has seen a lot of infrastructure development in recent years, with new roads, airports and public transportation making it even more accessible for businesses.

  7. Virtual office providers: Delhi has many providers offering virtual office services, with a wide range of options to choose from, which can be beneficial for businesses looking for a virtual office.

How to get virtual office in Delhi?

In order to get the virtual office in Delhi, you have to take the help of virtual office service providers. In India, there are several service providers, but you have to choose those that can get you a virtual office in Delhi very easily and at an affordable cost. Before taking advantage of virtual office services, you have taken into account that the service provider provides quality service and is ready to assist you whenever you need it. Plus, make sure that they help you with GST registration as well as an additional place of business. If you want to save your time searching for a service provider that provides quality service, then you can consider thegstco. The one-stop platform for all your virtual office needs.

What includes in virtual office package?

  1. Business address
  2. Document Mailing
  3. Authorized Business Representative
  4. GST Registration
  5. Additional Place of Business
  6. Lifetime Support
  7. Free Training 

Why should you take virtual office from thegstco?

  1. 100% GST Approval Rate: We make sure that your GST proposal never get cancelled by the government.
  2. Fast Delivery: Get VPPoB Ready in 24 Hours
  3. 100% Online: Completely online process, you dont need to move from your place.
  4. On Ground Support: End-to-End Clear Communication with Clients

  5. Dedicated Desk: We Manage Your Documents at Local Level
  6. TCS Service Available:TCS Refund Services Available
  7. Professional Team: We have an experienced team that handles your GST-related problems very easily.
  8. Aphorized Providers: We are Amazon and Flipkart authorized service provider in India.

How you can contact us for getting virtual office?

If you are looking to get virtual office in Delhi for your business and want to get our service, you can directly call us, WhatsApp us, or drop a mail. You will get all the needed information to contact us on the contact page.

What are the required documents for virtual office?

Documents for Virtual Office


In conclusion, a virtual office in Delhi can be a cost-effective and flexible solution for businesses looking to establish a presence in India's capital city. With virtual office, you can create a professional business image. It helps you get a physical address for your business, which helps you register for GST and get an additional place of business. Overall, a virtual office in Delhi is a good solution for small businesses, entrepreneurs, remote workers, and companies looking to expand their presence to a new location.

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