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Case Study: How Clapstore Toys Leveraged VPOB and APOB to Accelerate Business Growth on Amazon


This case study is about Clapstore Toys, a visionary online toy store founded by Yash Thombare and co-founded by Vedang Nalawade, thriving on Amazon, experienced remarkable sales growth after strategically leveraging the VPOB (Virtual Principal Place of Business) and APOB (Additional Place of Business) registration in multiple states. By enrolling in the Amazon IXD program and expanding their presence to six states with VPOB GST registration, Clapstore Toys revolutionized their business operations and customer experience, ultimately gaining a competitive edge in the market and tremendous boost in sales.


Clapstore, an innovative online toy store, was founded during the challenging times of the pandemic with a noble aim to reduce mindless screen time among children. Despite the obstacles, the founders, Yash and Vedang, were determined to provide a solution that would benefit young minds. They meticulously curated a diverse toy collection, aiming to develop hand-eye coordination, enhance motor skills, foster problem-solving abilities, stimulate creative thinking, instill color recognition, and mitigate the effects of excessive screen exposure.

Challenges Faced

In today's competitive eCommerce landscape, standing out as a seller requires more than just great products. Clapstore, a leading manufacturer of wooden Montessori toys, understood this well. While their high-quality offerings resonated with customers, limited reach and slow delivery times were holding them back. Yash knew they needed a strategic solution to overcome these hurdles and propel their business to new heights.

Implemented Solution

Recognizing the significance of Amazon's "Go Local" program, which prioritizes products that can be delivered swiftly to customers, Clapstore Toys strategically obtained VPOB GST registration in six states. This strategic move allowed them to store their products in close proximity to their customers, enabling faster and more efficient deliveries. Additionally, by enrolling in the Amazon IXD program, Clapstore Toys further enhanced their capability to meet high-demand areas with faster product deliveries.


  • Accelerated Product Deliveries: By leveraging VPOB and APOB, Clapstore was able to deliver products faster, thereby gaining a competitive edge and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Competitive Advantage: The brand outperformed competitors by offering quality products and faster deliveries, aligning with Amazon's focus on providing the best customer experience.
  • Ranking Boost: Recognizing Amazon's commitment to providing the best customer experience, Clapstore Toys aligned with Amazon's algorithms, which boost sellers ranking with faster delivery times. This further elevated their visibility on the platform.
  • Easy logistics operation: Clapstore's could participate in the Amazon IXD program by VPOB GST registered in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Haryana states. With this program, their inventory could shift in the high demand areas automatically.
  • Positive Customer Feedback: Clapstore's carefully selected toys, coupled with their strong educational foundation, struck a chord with families globally. As word spread, the business gained momentum, attracting an ever-increasing customer base. The heartfelt testimonials pouring in from grateful parents were a testament to Clapstore's unwavering dedication to its mission.

Impact on Sales Growth:

VPOB and APOB played a pivotal role in accelerating Clapstore's sales growth. Currently, Clapstore is making 10 to 15 lakhs of sales every month from all the states where they have obtained VPOB GST registrations. Their products gained enhanced visibility in high-demand areas, attracting a larger customer base and driving substantial sales volumes. This successful implementation not only positioned Clapstore as a prime seller on Amazon but also solidified their reputation as a leader in providing educational toys that promote children's holistic development.


The success of Clapstore Toys in accelerating its business growth underscores the pivotal role played by VPOB and APOB solutions. By understanding and aligning with Amazon's initiatives, they were able to capitalize on the preference for faster deliveries, ensuring superior customer experience and outperforming competitors. This case study serves as a testament to the significant impact that VPOB and APOB solution can have on e-commerce businesses, particularly in the context of accelerating growth and enhancing customer satisfaction on platforms such as Amazon.

The founders' commitment to reducing mindless screen time among children and fostering parent-child interaction resonated deeply with customers, leading to increased visibility, demand, and positive feedback. Clapstore not only achieved remarkable sales growth but also made a profound impact on children's learning experiences and family dynamics. Clapstore stands tall as a pioneer in the industry, setting an example for other companies to follow.

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