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Where to Find Amazon Facilities in Bangalore

What are Amazon facilities?

Amazon facilities refer to the physical locations where Amazon carries out its operations, including storage, sorting, and delivery of products to customers. These facilities play a crucial role in the company's operations and include fulfillment centers, delivery stations, sortation centers, and business centers.

Fulfillment centers are large, automated warehouses where Amazon stores and sorts products before they are shipped to customers. Delivery stations are smaller facilities that are responsible for the last-mile delivery of packages to customers. Sortation centers are facilities that sort packages based on their final destination, allowing for more efficient delivery.

Business centers are offices where Amazon's employees work on developing new technologies, improving existing systems, and managing the company's operations. Amazon also has a corporate office in some cities, which serves as the company's hub for technology and innovation.

Overall, Amazon's facilities play a vital role in the company's operations, allowing it to efficiently store, sort, and deliver products to customers across the world.

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How do Amazon's facilities help Amazon sellers?

Amazon facilities, specifically fulfillment centers, play an important role in helping Amazon sellers grow their businesses. By using Amazon's fulfillment service, called Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), sellers can store their products in Amazon's fulfillment centers and take advantage of Amazon's shipping and customer service network.

With FBA, Amazon handles the storage, picking, packing, shipping, and customer service for the seller's products. This allows sellers to focus on other aspects of their business, such as sourcing and marketing, without having to worry about logistics and customer service.

By using Amazon's fulfillment network, sellers can also reach a wider audience and benefit from Amazon's reputation for fast and reliable shipping. This can result in increased sales and higher customer satisfaction, which can help sellers grow their business on Amazon.

In addition to fulfillment centers, Amazon also offers other services, such as multi-channel fulfillment, that can help sellers reach customers in new markets and streamline their operations. By using Amazon's facilities and services, sellers can benefit from the company's extensive logistics network and expertise, and focus on growing their businesses.

Available Amazon facilities in Bangalore

Bangalore, India is home to several Amazon facilities, including fulfillment centers, business centers, and a development center. These facilities play a crucial role in Amazon's operations and are responsible for storing, sorting, and delivering products to customers.

One of Amazon's largest offices in Bangalore is located in the World Trade Center in Rajajinagar. This office serves as a development center and business center, where a team of software engineers and other tech professionals work on developing new technologies and improving existing systems.

Another Amazon office can be found in the Bagmane Constellation Business Park near Mahadevapura. The office comprises of two buildings, Orion and Aquila, and serves as a business center.

In addition to these offices, there are also two large fulfillment centers in Bangalore, one near Hoskote and the other in Jigani. These facilities play a critical role in storing and delivering products to customers in the region.

Addresses for the fulfillment centers

Hoskote - 38-39, Soukya Road, Kacharakanahalli, Hoskote, Pincode - 560 067

Jigani - Bommasandra Jigani Link Road, Jigani, Anekal Taluk, Pincode - 560 099

Overall, Bangalore is an important hub for Amazon's operations in India. With its large, skilled workforce and innovative technologies, the city plays a crucial role in delivering products to customers and driving the growth of the company.

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