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A Deep Dive into Amazon Launchpad


In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the curve is vital for startups and small brands looking to make their mark. One platform that has become a launching pad for innovation is Amazon Launchpad. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore what Amazon Launchpad is, who is eligible to join, its benefits, costs, and whether it's worth taking the leap.

What is Amazon Launchpad?

Amazon Launchpad is a unique and exclusive program designed to provide a platform for startups and small brands to introduce innovative products to a global audience. Amazon's primary goal with Launchpad is to shine a spotlight on unconventional and cutting-edge products, ensuring they gain the visibility they deserve on the world's largest online marketplace.

The program takes a collaborative approach by partnering with over 100 venture capital firms and startup accelerators. These partners refer high-potential products to Amazon, which, in turn, offers a robust launchpad to kickstart sales and expose these products to a vast customer base.

Eligibility Requirements

While Amazon encourages all entrepreneurs and small businesses with unique and innovative products to apply for Launchpad, there are specific criteria that applicants must meet:

  1. Professional Sellers Account: Applicants must have a professional sellers account on Amazon.
  2. Listing Age: Products listed on Amazon for less than four years are eligible for consideration.
  3. Sales Threshold: Businesses with gross sales of less than $5 million meet Launchpad's eligibility requirements.
  4. Positive Ratings: A minimum rating of 3.5 stars and at least five reviews on listed products is required.
  5. Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA): Launchpad participants must be enrolled in Amazon FBA.

Meeting these requirements opens the door to numerous benefits and premium features offered by Amazon Launchpad.

Premium A+ Content

One of the standout features of Launchpad is access to Amazon Premium A+ Content. This feature allows brands to create compelling and interactive product listings, enhancing the customer shopping experience. Here's how Premium A+ Content differs from regular A+ Content:

  • Increased Modules: Premium A+ Content offers an increase in the number of on-page modules from five to seven, providing more opportunities for engaging content.
  • Full-Width Display: Premium A+ Content allows the use of the entire screen width for product pages, offering a visually immersive experience.
  • Embedding Video: Brands can incorporate full-screen videos into their product listings to showcase products in detail.
  • Interactive Features: Premium A+ Content enables interactive elements like hover-over features, clickable Q&A sections, and improved comparison charts.
  • Professional Photography: Amazon offers access to the Amazon Imaging Services Team for high-quality product photography, elevating the overall presentation.

Typically, acquiring Premium A+ Content comes at a high cost for small businesses. However, Launchpad members receive this premium feature for free, providing a powerful tool to boost their product listings.

Brand Gating

Brand gating, the ability to prevent unauthorized sellers from listing and selling your products, is a valuable feature typically associated with Amazon Project Zero. However, Launchpad members enjoy brand gating by default. This added protection ensures that your brand's reputation remains intact and counterfeit products are kept at bay.

Increased Product Visibility

Amazon Launchpad goes beyond just listing products. It includes dedicated storefronts that reach millions of customers worldwide, distinct from the standard Amazon marketplace. Customers specifically seeking new and innovative products are drawn to these Launchpad storefronts, providing additional visibility for your listings.

Amazon also actively promotes Launchpad products through social media, email marketing, and special placements on, further amplifying your brand's reach.

Free Weekly Lightning Deals

Lightning Deals are flash sales that showcase your products on the Amazon Deals page, one of the platform's most highly-trafficked pages. These time-limited promotions can significantly boost sales and exposure. While running a Lightning Deal usually costs $150, Launchpad members can run these deals for free, once per week, offering a substantial advantage for sales and visibility.

Dedicated Amazon Account Manager

Upon joining Amazon Launchpad, businesses are assigned a dedicated Amazon account manager. This personal touch provides invaluable assistance with onboarding and ongoing Amazon support. Having direct access to a human representative can be a game-changer, given Amazon's vast ecosystem.

How Much Does Amazon Launchpad Cost?

While the benefits of Amazon Launchpad are compelling, membership comes at a premium. In addition to the standard 15% Amazon referral fee, Launchpad participants are subject to an additional 5% premium fee. While Amazon may lower referral fees to 3% once gross sales exceed $1 million, it's not guaranteed.

Furthermore, Amazon requires a 12-month commitment to Launchpad, ensuring that businesses remain part of the program throughout major selling events like Prime Day and the holiday season. In summary, participants can expect to pay an 18-20% referral fee to Amazon, in addition to regular Amazon FBA fees.

Exiting Amazon Launchpad

When businesses decide to leave Amazon Launchpad, their products will no longer feature on the Launchpad storefront. However, any Premium A+ content created during the membership will remain intact. The caveat is that if modifications are needed, businesses must transition back to regular A+ content via Vendor Central. This transition may require redesigning the entire page, as Premium A+ features will no longer be accessible.

Is Amazon Launchpad Worth It?

Amazon Launchpad offers a unique opportunity for startups and small brands to gain exposure and access Amazon's vast customer base. However, it's essential to consider whether the benefits align with your business goals and product offerings.

While some Launchpad members have reported positive experiences, others have found the program's impact to be underwhelming. Premium A+ content may not guarantee increased conversions, and Amazon's dedicated support can vary in responsiveness.

Ultimately, the program's value depends on factors such as your product, brand story, and marketing efforts. It's essential to recognize that Amazon can amplify your marketing, but success still relies on your ability to present your product positively and engage your target audience.

The decision to join Amazon Launchpad should be based on your business's unique circumstances and goals. While the 5% premium fee and 12-month commitment are significant considerations, they may be outweighed by the potential exposure and dedicated support offered by the program.

In summary, Amazon Launchpad can be a valuable opportunity for the right businesses, but careful evaluation of its benefits and costs is essential before taking the leap into this exclusive platform.


As we conclude our exploration of Amazon Launchpad, it's clear that this exclusive platform holds immense potential for startups and small brands with innovative products. However, like any venture, success within Launchpad requires careful consideration and strategic planning.

The Good: Amazon Launchpad offers a unique stage for your brand and products. It provides access to features like Premium A+ Content, brand gating, and dedicated support that can significantly enhance your presence on the platform. The visibility boost, coupled with free Lightning Deals, can give your sales a substantial push.

The Challenges: The cost of admission to Launchpad is steep, with an additional 5% premium fee on top of standard Amazon referral fees. The 12-month commitment is also a substantial consideration. Some Launchpad members have reported mixed results, emphasizing that the program's effectiveness can vary based on factors such as product type and marketing efforts.

The Decision: Joining Amazon Launchpad is not a one-size-fits-all choice. It hinges on your product, brand story, and goals. Consider whether your product aligns with the "unique and unconventional" criteria preferred by Amazon. Evaluate whether the benefits of Premium A+ Content, brand gating, increased visibility, and dedicated support align with your growth strategy.

Final Thoughts: Amazon Launchpad can be a valuable launching pad for startups and small brands willing to make the investment. While success is not guaranteed, the potential for increased exposure and customer engagement is undeniable. Careful planning, clear goals, and ongoing assessment of your Launchpad journey are key to making the most of this innovative program.

Remember that Launchpad is just one avenue for growth on Amazon. It's up to you to leverage the tools, support, and visibility it offers to carve out your space in the competitive world of e-commerce. Success in Launchpad, as in any business endeavour, depends on your ability to innovate, adapt, and engage with your target audience effectively.

So, is Amazon Launchpad worth it? The answer lies in your unique vision, your product's appeal, and your commitment to thriving in the dynamic landscape of online retail. Whether you choose to embark on this journey or explore other avenues, the world of e-commerce remains ripe with opportunities for those with the ambition and drive to seize them.

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