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Amendment of Registration - Core and Non-Core Fields

We help you amend you address, bank, place of business and ownership in GST Certificate

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Core vs Non-Core Fields

Core Fields

  • The legal name of the business (if PAN is unchanged)
  • Adding or removing stakeholders
  • Main business location or additional locations (if state is unchanged)

Non-Core Fields

All other details in the registration application except for the legal business name, stakeholders, and business locations. These fields can be edited easily, and changes are automatically updated without needing approval from the Tax Official.

Fields That Cannot Be Amended

  • Change in PAN: You cannot amend your registration if there is a change in your PAN. GST registration is PAN-based, and you need to apply for a new registration if your PAN changes.
  • Change in Business Constitution: If there is a change in the constitution of your business that changes your PAN, you cannot use the amendment application. You must apply for a new registration.
  • Change in State: If your business location changes from one state to another, you cannot use the amendment application. GST registrations are state-specific. Cancel your current registration and apply for a new one in the new state.

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GST Amendment FAQ

1. By when should I file an application for Amendment of Registration?

You must file the amendment application within 15 days of the change requiring the amendment.

2. Can I save the application for Amendment of Registration?

You can save your amendment application for 15 days. If not submitted within this period, the application will be purged.

3. Is it mandatory to add reason for amendment?

Specifying the reason for the amendment is mandatory.

4. How can I add Bank Account details?

File a non-core amendment application to add bank details.

5. Do I need to digitally authenticate the application for Amendment of Registration?

The amendment application must be digitally authenticated before submission.

6. Can I delete the Primary authorized signatory?

You can delete the primary signatory if a new primary signatory is added.

7. My office has moved to another SEZ. Can the SEZ details be amended?

SEZ details can be amended via the core fields amendment process.

8. I have an ARN for amendment of core fields. Can I file application for amendment of another non-core field?

If an ARN exists for core field amendment, you cannot amend non-core fields until approval.

9. Can amendment application be filed by any one of the existing authorized signatory?

Any authorized signatory can file the amendment application.

10. Do I need to upload any document for amendment relating to Additional Places of Business?

Required documents depend on whether the premises are owned, rented, or shared.

11. Does amendment of non-core field require processing by the Tax Official?

Non-core field amendments are auto-approved.

12. Does amendment of core field require processing by the Tax Official?

Core field amendments require approval by a tax official.

13. What will happen once the application for amendment of registration is processed by the Tax Official?

You will receive notifications upon approval or rejection, and the amended certificate will be available for download.

14. What will happen after submission of application for amendment of registration?

You will receive an acknowledgement within 15 minutes of submitting the application.

15. Why am I not able to find link for Amendment of Registration Core Field?

The core field amendment link is disabled if the registration is suspended or cancelled.

16. Can I amend period of validity mentioned while applying for registration?

You can update the validity period through the core amendment process.

17. I have added a new Primary Authorized Signatory. Will they be considered as Aadhaar authenticated?

New or edited signatories need Aadhaar authentication if certain basic details are changed.

18. I have added a new Promotor/Partner. Will they be considered as Aadhaar authenticated?

New promoters or partners may need Aadhaar authentication depending on existing authentications.

19. Can a Suo-Moto registration taxpayer add bank account details?

Suo-Moto registration taxpayers can add bank account details.

20. What happens if the name or date of birth does not match with PAN data?

Errors in name or date of birth must be corrected to match PAN data for validation.

21. Can a taxpayer add more than one bank account?

Up to 10 bank accounts can be added.

22. Can a Suo-Moto registration user add their PAN details?

PAN details can be added only if not already entered by a tax officer.

23. How can I check the status of my bank account validation?

Check the status through the 'Bank Account Status' link.

24. What can I do if my bank account validation fails?

Ensure the PAN in the bank account matches the PAN registered under GST.

25. What happens if I don’t update my bank details on time?

You will be warned and must update bank details through the non-core amendment page.

26. Can I update my legal name even if I have not updated the bank details within specified period?

You can update your legal name even if bank details are not updated on time.

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